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  1. Either way it's a win for the US as the result will be the destruction of the current Democrat party.
  2. I believe there will be no impeachment. The good economic reports coming out will hurt the impeachment gang. Only a fool would vote for impeachment right now and though there are a lot in Dem wing of the House, there are not enough. Those in swing states will not vote for impeachment.
  3. Biden exposed as the criminally deranged, fat shaming bully he is. No wonder he is a leader of the Democrat party. He espouses their true values.
  4. The last two days have been a disaster for Pelosi. With Nadler falling asleep in his own hearing and her own overemotional meltdown, she's in big trouble. She doesn't have the votes or else she would hold a vote. The likelihood of getting the votes now is slim to none and slim just left town.
  5. Exactly and in doing so she sealed her fate and the fate of her so called impeachment inquiry. It's over for her. She should resign.
  6. Just saw Pelosi's statement. She's was held hostage, but her Botox use prevented her from blinking for help.
  7. Another example of why Nancy Pelosi has been reluctant to let Nadler play a leadership role in this impeachment inquiry. Things never go well for the Dems when he is involved. Poor choice of Dem witnesses. Complete disaster with one of the Dem so called experts taking a shot at the Trumps' minor son, Baron.
  8. OP: "There is no evidence that either of the Bidens engaged in wrongdoing." ROTFLMAO!!
  9. From the link I posted: "Graham has insisted that he would call Hunter Biden and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to testify." That's all you need to know.
  10. As others have written, the House will not impeach. The House will censure. I would love to see a Senate trial. I'd like to see Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden testify, but a trial isn't going to happen. https://thehill.com/opinion/columnists/472707-john-feehery-censure-could-give-democrats-a-way-out-of-no-win-impeachment
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