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  1. After an inconclusive trip to Chaengwattana, I tried the airport yesterday evening and without any fuss an officer took my passport away and came back a few minutes later with it altered to one year. I mentioned to the officer that several people in recent days have reported getting in with a one year stamp, and he confirmed that this was what they were now doing after a meeting of immigration heads at the airport on 7th November. Reading other people's reports it seems that the period of stamping in people for 30 days and asking for insurance lasted for a few days only.
  2. Is that written somewhere, if so where, please, I thought the O-X project was a pilot for this? It's described as a pilot project here. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377292
  3. I was shown two receipts for insurance on the immigration officer's smartphone for policies sold earlier that day. One was for a full year of cover, the second was six months to cover the length of the proposed stay.
  4. Two more reports in the past 24 hours of people who did get in on pre October Non OA's without being asked for insurance. What the heck is going on here?
  5. On the contrary, most officials I've spoken to admitted they didn't really understand the rules and wound up either referring things up the line, or making a phone call. They've been instructed how to play this by the senior mid ranking levels who've made a judgment call. The way hierarchy works here, this means that one person misinterprets it at a senior level and dozens of junior officers start repeating it. The only clarification I've seen of the rules is one directing officials to check remarks on a visa, which came after the original police order, which suggested that older visas and extensions would be unaffected as no remarks would be present. No expats are in denial and unless you're personally affected by this issue right now you're out of line in criticising people for taking issue with it.
  6. Image was unclear, I edited it now in the post above yours.
  7. According to the airport staff, yes I'd need to reenter with insurance to get a year stamp. But I've not actually spoken to any officials yet about this who haven't either been either confused or blinkered. Although I can extend the 30 days in town I doubt it'd be possible to re-enter and just get another 30 day stamp, though arriving again without insurance there would still be the option of buying it on the spot. Not clear at this point if insurance can be purchased to directly facilitate a stamping change at Chaengwattana. This new hard line by airport officials is causing a lot of drama and I think immigration is going to be forced to clarify the rules before too long. Not least by the front line airport staff who can't be happy about the vagueness of the rules they've been forced to implement and the fact that practically everyone they call out on it is going be complaining.
  8. I don't agree he's wrong, except he didn't predict how much of a hard line airport staff would take in applying the new rules. I was in contact with him by private message today and he strongly urged me to contact the immigration bureau here and get it corrected as a stamping error. I went to see them and I have to say everyone I spoke to was completely baffled by the new rules, but all were holding the line that insurance was needed on older visas as well. I pointed out the clause about remarks on a visa, but no one really understood it, and were very apologetic and sympathetic even, agreeing it wasn't fair. A staff member phoned the airport and came back to me and confirmed the insurance was needed. There was no way of speaking to anyone more informed about it, and I think it would require someone with connections (and perhaps legal experience relating to immigration matters here) to get contact with someone powerful enough to have a meaningful discussion on this. The staff were all nice, wanted to be helpful, and ultimately very sorry, but confusion reigns. Ubonjoe was helpful and prompt in his email responses to me which I appreciate. I agree his position, that the ground staff and mid level ranks have misunderstood the new rules. Seems like in the absence of anyone able to challenge them, they're running with it.
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