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  1. I think the question was why us people cannot afford to live in us and run to los when thai go to us and do well...why this us people cannot make it in their own country when thai can.. ??? a very very good question...
  2. suizide with gun not so easy if u are not experienced...
  3. the cops try to get near his money once this is accomplished he will jump from a thirty floor building
  4. I think that the thai visa readers will generosity open their hearts and wallets and donate to pay the hospital bills of him and his wife... after all he is only victim of this capitalist egocentric society... he had no other chances than to sell crack to school childrens and party goers ...by the way who wholeheartedly appreciate d his services and bought his proucts with great joy... sarcasm off.... junkies are tough much tougher than the average joe....once he is half together I guess he will try to escape from hospital...
  5. its like in france...over there every terror suspect die in a shoot out w. cops... dead sentence..?..well right on the spot....rushed to hospital...maybe on an old bycicle...
  6. the guy looks pretty dead to me...but where is the shot wound usually half the head would ve missing
  7. an escape has to be planned well.. . obviously this one was not...
  8. for higher quality products certain levels of an educated work force is needed..I wonder about this move...I think with higher taxes on imports trump wanted to force companys to relocate back to the usa to create jobs there..if many companys will do this LOS might find itself in the same position as china now
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