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  1. Hmmm...it's always the expats having issues...there 1.4 billion, and in recent 30 years have turned from a very poor country to, arguably, the most powerful house in the world. More than 800 million people out of poverty and counting. What people fail to understand is the political within China is also changing, but at her own pace and need. The only country close in population is India and compare them with China, pretty sure, you know the winner. In contrast, the West has been declining rapid, Google national debt vs GDP. While china isn't perfect, its citizens are happy and enjoying life and this current government is trying to be a responsible lead...again try comparing that the the other countries, U.S. warring non-stop, india, it's thing in Kashmir, the Russian, etc...list goes on. Many commenters sit in their little well and judge the world by the view from the bottom of it...it seems...
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