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  1. I do not need to figure it out, if you are of the belief that European luxury cars are safer than every other car on the planet their advertising campaigns obviously work on you.
  2. Gee thanks for pointing that out, the purpose is what?? If you are the same as the OP and believe everything European is best, good for you but you are sadly very wrong.
  3. Still the biggest load of codswallop I have ever heard. The crash testing is done at low speed as the biggest danger is a car hitting pedestrians, in other words strong steel is bad for the percentage of accidents and I doubt high end vehicles use such material. They may well have a better braking system or better warning systems but to suggest the steel strength is material is rubbish. Do some research son, and I doubt you have driven vehicles on every continent to make such claims
  4. Simply not true, google it before you comment, there are far more Japanese and Korean cars with top rating than your European cars. Audi fares the best of them.
  5. world·wide /wərldˈwīd/ adjective extending or reaching throughout the world. "worldwide sales of television rights"
  6. I understand everything about tyres and it wasn't me suggesting to use 70 profile tyres. What point are you trying to make?????
  7. Disagree, 35 is low profile, 70 is crazy world wide today, tyres are so much better.
  8. The OP has stated they are 50 series tyres and therefore not low profile. Personally I think 29 is low, however you need to pick a pressure and monitor tyre wear, if the outside is wearing too low, if the middle is wearing too high, overall it is what gives you the best ride.
  9. There is a small mom and pop food stall out front of Jomtien Garden resort (between soi 8 and night market on beach rd) pretty sure they had some this morning.
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