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  1. I have never experienced a caddy that bad after playing 15 or so different courses, have you ever considered it might be your attitude? they are not slaves. Not sure of your country of origin but 300THB equates to about $15AUD, cheap as chips for 3 1/2 hours of someones life.
  2. I have never tipped as low as 200, 300 -500 is more normal, if you are around Pattaya, Rayong, area there quite some decent deals until the end of September
  3. Of course you do and as your skill level goes up and you play 'better' players who outdrive you by 80 or 90yds and can spin the ball back to within inches of the hole you will see why. The courses mean sweet ffa unless you like coming last. You might also want to check out 'shot online' very similar concept and been around a lot longer, principle is still the same suck you in until you have to open the wallet to improve. I must say they have some pretty sweet deals right now. I just logged into WGT, first time for many years. I joined the site in May 2010 and am level 53 and not competitive with my equipment.
  4. Played it many years ago, and typical of all games where you pay to upgrade your equipment (clubs and balls) it gets expensive. You can get through the first levels with basic equipment but if you want to progress then reach for your credit card.
  5. Beach was very busy and maybe 1 mask per 1000 people, 14 days time will be proof of the pudding if virus under control in Thailand. Personally I hope no new cases show up.
  6. Try 'Netlotto' no problems have used for years
  7. Change to: Russian, European, Australian, etc crash compilation and the results are the same.
  8. The proof of the pudding will be in about 14 days time, the number of people on Jomtien beach with no masks and no social distancing is amazing. If no new numbers then we should have some confidence that Thailand is Covid free.
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