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  1. Except real estate, all my equities except 100K cash are invested in US market. I am one those 200K people in the US whose 401K portfolio reached a million dollars in the last quarter.
  2. JUst like somepeople take 10 baht bus and some people hire taxi and some use limo. It is not always easy. One needs to fill up all forms, get documents ready, stand in lines for hours, post stupid questions in this forum, keep upto date with 90-day, TM30 etc. And on top of that one also has to keep money in the bank. Some people have enough money to avoid hassle while others take 10 baht bus and donate their moneis to charity. For some people DIY is the only achivement in life and for others the ability to pay to get things done is the achivement in life. It all depends on how one feels about taking bus or a limo.
  3. If you're living in Thailand with Tourist visas, there is a 50% possibility you will be denied entry. If you're true to yourself, you would know the answer and nobody in this forum can give you definite answer.
  4. It just boggles my mind why people hire useless attorneys instead of an agent. Agent can do all an attorney can do without any money in the bank.
  5. Only sensible solution is to go for a HSA account coupled with a catastrophic insurance. A deposit of atleast 50K in an HSA account with an out of pocket expense of at least 50K and a catastrophic insurance of at least one million. No outpatient BS. Leave to patients if they want to go to government hospital or Bangramung.
  6. Re-entry permit is possible on any visa, including visa exempt. Its validity is your original "Permitted to day" date and the date will written on your reentry permit.
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