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  1. Unfortunately, they can and do. I once had a housemate who was a member of the California Highway Patrol MAIT (major accidents investigation team.) She's one of the officers who gets called 24/7 whenever there is a road fatality to investigate and write up the report afterwards. For some sick reason, she loved to drop pics of the worst fatalities on my lap when I wasn't expecting it, and I've seen many who do break into pieces. There was one ime where someone died on the freeway and had been run over in succession by multiple vehicles, none of which stopped. By the time the
  2. Back in college, we'd put tape over quarters to increase their diameters so they could be wedged tightly into the circles on the coin feed slider so that they wouldn't drop into the machine. The machine would detect the quarters and I got two years of free laundry doing that!
  3. I'm almost certain it means Mastercard accepted here!
  4. He was already being sanctioned when he got transferred, but now I think he got fired. Probably better for society if he remained a cop at his punishment assignment. Now, he'll probably have to get a job as muscle for some mobster and really start killing people.
  5. Oh, I wish this were true. Not only do they control the wealth (not money, but the real assets), but they have been colluding to disburse & hide it for 70-years. And with billions of dollars, they enjoy the services of the best minds in the financial world to help them. In addition, their children attend the best schools in the world and are primarily occupied in hiding money.
  6. Scorsese isn't What ax is that? Scorcese just received up to US$250,000,000 from Netflix to film The Irishman.
  7. On only full pay and without income from graft/corruption, the cop would probably starve to death.
  8. Um, Warren Buffet has famously said that he will never touch bitcoin. "Cryptocurrencies basically have no value," he said. "You can't do anything with it except sell it to somebody else."
  9. News today says he's "uncertain". I think he's out for 2021.
  10. In the US, Forrester owners have some of the highest owner satisfaction rates, and I know 2 owners who are outright fanatical, but I doubt it's worth a 30% mark-up. Must have same sort of owners & demand in LoS, otherwise they wouldn't get away with this "warranty is extra" bait & switch.
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