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  1. How will they catch this man when Taksin still on the loose with his daughter. No one cares in other countries if you have money? Robbing from Gold shop give any clues?
  2. Such a wonderful deed by the Thai people, Why could not Thai Immigration have a heart like this group of organizers? A matter of education that some foreigners do obey the rules especially after many years living in their home.
  3. Every one knows nothing goes in a Bank book without a Passport! Could it be foreigners have learn to put their own balance, Impossible? Immigration does not trust anyone. It so easy on day immigration visit to go to bank and do an update in the machine, It might print a receipt too? Or get Bank Manager phone number and ring the Bank, Do you know anyone can go to Immigration and ask for details about you, Where you come from, how much you earn and where you live, They can make lies about you as happen with me with TOT Boss in Korat, Now he is working in mountains of Mae Hong Song as he upset his people my friends.
  4. Would it just be great if you put the whole immigration force looking for the bad guy who killed Thais in the Gold Shop robbery? Why Thai Law so wrong, If you go to airport, You just pay the fine, but if you get caught by a Super Dick in a BMA you are put in Jail and deported? Justice is fronting a Judge and given a chance to present your case, What happens to a Thai person who do wrong, Just go to Jail and face the hard treatment of a sickness in prison with family left to fend for themselves? Justice Their has to be someone who can bring a better & safer Thailand
  5. Being bias about all foreigners is very wrong, Just look who killed at the Gold Shop, Just look at who is taking brides at Immigration Offices? Been stopped at police road checks? Very seldom do you get to drive through with out paying a Tea money
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