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  1. 10 hours ago, rembody said:

    Centara condos close to lk metro have new gym and a great pool,plus if you want a bigger gym there is one  3 minute walk to the gym

    This area is just too noisy and busy for me. I like the areas like at the Cetus, View talay 7 and 8 the Wong amat tower and the Palm Wong amat seems very nice as well but Wong amat is a little remote logistically.

  2. 11 hours ago, Leaver said:

    Don't want to take the thread off topic, but you don't mention what visa you will be on. 


    If on a 60 day tourists visa, with plans to pay 1900 baht and extend it for 30 days, giving you 3 months, then you need a condo owner prepared to do the TM30, or, give you the documents you need for you to do it, otherwise, you may have to problems getting that 30 day extension. 

    I see , i havent stayed long time in Thailand for many years. So they need to know which condo i will be staying at? What is TM30? It wont be an issue for me since will only be staying 2 months this time. 

  3. 23 hours ago, madmen said:

    Whatever you choose make sure its on the baht bus route unless your renting a bike (not a good idea) and you don't want to ever be at the mercy of taxis of any kind


    Most if not all of the view talay building are on the baht bus route , all well maintained with big pools

    Ive stayed in Jomtien, Pattaya and Naklua before and for most of the time i have used a rented motorbikeand 1 time car when i drove up north. The baht bus is okey for shorter rides but go from Jomtien to north Pattya for example, i think its too slow and inconvinient. Im sure at the less attractive view talay 1 or 2 its possible to find short time rentals maybe not in view talay 7?

  4. 23 hours ago, newnative said:

        Jomtien:  Riviera Jomtien condo.  Sky pool and big lagoon pool.  Big, air-conditioned gym. Also ping pong and pool table.  New project so everything is still great.  Short walk to Beach Road to get baht bus to Pattaya. Others: Cetus condo and Aeras condo, both on Beach Road.

        Naklua/Wong Amat.  Riviera Wong Amat condo.  Similar to above.  Zire condo would also be a consideration.  And, Northpoint condo.  No nearby baht bus.

         Central Pattaya.  Centric Sea condo.  2 sky pools, a third ground level pool, and 3 air-conditioned gyms.   Baht bus at the front entrance on Second Road. 

         These come to mind for me.  I'm sure there are other choices that could work for a 3 month stay. 

    Riviera, Centric and Cetus look really nice but online i found only for long term, minimum 6 months or one year. Maybe if i show up at their reception there are one or two months available.

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