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  1. Mine sits in a router. There is only a limitation to the download limit if you choose an option with a download limit. You choose according to your requirements and your budget. I use 10 Mbps unlimited as a back up to the in-house connection. Yes, your first step would be to buy a 50 baht SIM from the network in which you are interested in order to run a speed test in your apartment. From that you can decide on the package best for you. In my apartment, AIS gives around 20 Mbps. The other two only around 4 Mbps.
  2. Remember that you already told us..... Signal is fine and anyway it would hardly affect a 1 Mbps connection. I have a 10 Mbps SIM at the same location. Have been using the package for longer than yourself. Overall it is ok for what you pay, but it makes sense to get better if offered at the same price or less.
  3. Further examples; https://www.lazada.co.th/products/dtac-10mbps-dtac-1-i610596203-s1151122433.html https://www.lazada.co.th/products/fast80gb-24-80gb-1-trueid-ultimate-true-wifi-1-i549140055-s996286943.html free in-network calls only Many differing combos out there
  4. There is no need to accept a connection as low as 1 Mbps. Both DTAC & Truemove H offer 2 Mbps for 90 baht per month currently, if only for six months. The annual SIMs via Lazada and Shopee also offer better value than the 1 Mbps packs.
  5. 1 Mbps definitely buffers on YouTube. Have used the plan extensively on a Smartphone and it buffers until it loads fully. Obviously if you dial down on the quality of the video it's not a issue. But to state that it's fine, simply washes over the issue. It works, but 4 Mbps or even 2 Mbps is better.
  6. He is correct, you are mixing up Bits and Bytes. There are 8 bits to a byte.
  7. The AIS new SIM promos have the option of unlimited voice calls for an extra 50 baht per month.
  8. Sorry, but lost interest after the first two sentences. Perhaps you should look closer at your obsession with drugs. As aforementioned, there is likely an underlying condition. People often-self medicate. It might appear to work for them, calming them down, but it also means that they never treat the underlying condition. So what you might see is the underlying condition getting worse because of no supportive treatment. So then the uninformed or unintelligent will focus on what is obvious to them, as opposed to the actual issue. The actual issue her underlying condition. I know because I deal with these people quite often. The have issue ranging from extreme anxiety to PPP and some choose to self-medicate. They find it calms them down, but they never learn to deal with the actual issues. The reality is that even prescribed drugs can have the same effect. They are merely suppressing the symptoms and worse still, can become addictive. Hence the cliche "Off their meds" The real problem is that the person never learns how to deal with their underlying condition, as they are simply suppressing it with the medication, legal or illegal. I hope that you can open your mind beyond your obsession with illegal 'drugs', to perhaps understanding why people take drugs at all. Legal or illegal. Almost every person I met who took illegal 'drugs', was self medicating. They all had issues. So you calling them nutters makes you look the one with limited intelligence. Once again, it is perfectly fine that you have your view, but expand and expound on it in a more intelligent manner. That way, you can differentiate between the cases. Labelling them all drug taking nutters only makes you seem unintelligent. Then you are calling millions of people who are also taking legal drugs prescribed by doctors for the same conditions "drug taking nutters" too. There are many people who have committed suicide or worse whilst taking prescribed drugs. Would you call them "drug taking nutters" or just "nutters"? You see, you might have a strong opinion, but it doesn't mean that you are right. All you are doing is looking for anything to reinforce that opinion.
  9. You have just pulled that off the top of your head. That's not based on any experience at all. I arrived on an MT Visa and I am still here. It's also not my first MT, but then again I actually use the MT correctly, as I do attend for relatively expensive medical procedures. After which I relax at my leisure.
  10. This refrain seems a bit simplistic, even from you. The initial reports mentioned a white powder and suggestions of Methamphetamine. Her skin, as aforementioned by another poster, looks terrible. Perhaps injuries sustained during the fall or just excessive self medication. But we likely aren't talking about marijuana. You really need to take an intelligent approach instead of the frequent baying of "drugs!". She clearly has an underlying condition. Perhaps post partum depression. But no chance of an intelligent discussion when you have someone in the background baying "drugs!" Because of this occurrence, I learned of two other Russian women with children who contemplated suicide. One definitely with PPP and the other with circumstances that overwhelmed. So let's try to keep the forum discussion above the totally simplistic. Otherwise it just seem a bit Troll-like, as opposed to promoting an educated discussion. You can have your views, but perhaps you could try to express them in a more intelligent manner.
  11. You know about it, where you didn't before. I told you that the service centres and SIM distributors should know. I 'ignore' the "idiots" by not posting the codes for them. Letting you know about them at least gives you a head-start. Seems that is not enough for you.
  12. Codes available from the service centre or SIM card distributor I imagine. I don't post codes here anymore. Too many who like to argue and demand. It auto-renews for six months. After that, it's up to you. I don't have a problem in scrapping SIMs as I don't use them for their phone numbers, but just data.
  13. You have a few things wrong, though the bandwidth/You/Tube info is fine. They haven't replaced 10 Mbps with 4 Mbps. 10 Mbps is still offered, but it is 250 baht per month. 4 Mbps, 200 baht. The plans now run for 6 months, not 12. Of course the Marathon plan in the headline is 100 baht per month, not 1200 baht.
  14. It's barely enough. You'll get buffering on YouTube. Video Chat may also suffer. 4 Mbps is a better option.
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