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  1. I have friends here. None involved in the sex industry. Where I live is beautiful. Beachfront. The weather is good even when the weather isn't good. No element of the sex industry where I live. Central Pattaya is seedy and the beach dirty. Now there is less pollution and less traffic it is even better for me. But it's not all about me.
  2. Just being. Life is great.
  3. I don't spend any time in the bars; but I have talked to many over the years. You must be wearing blinkers. They are people. I have seen very many instances of what is described here. But they won't show and tell to people whom they don't trust.
  4. I wear a mask whilst cycling. I'm not Thai. Really just a load of foreign children here. No surprise when they all thought they were coming to a playground (for adults).
  5. They have a choice. There are Apps for that. They can also negotiate with their girl of choice with their masks on whilst outside. But if they want to flout the rules by removing their masks and drinking beer whilst doing what they do; then no need to come here crying into their beer when they get fined.
  6. Children....it takes seconds to remove mask, drink water, replace mask. Do you need to be told? Clearly this person had their mask removed for a prolonged period because he is special. He thinks drinking beer exempts him from mask wearing. He knows now that it does not.
  7. Likely none of those people were wearing a mask outside....which is the point. Wear a mask or prepare to be fined. I am having fun here. There is more to life than drinking beer on the street. If you want to hang out on Bua Khao, drinking beer and consorting with ladies for rent, drink your beer through a straw...with your mask on. Don't like it, then stay home. There is fun to be had. Adapt or break.
  8. The rules ARE clear and unambiguous. Wear a mask whilst outdoors. Drinking a beer is not an excuse for not wearing a mask. Drinking water whilst static will likely be overlooked. Once people stop acting like petulant children it might begin to make sense to them. Always looking for loopholes and then crying when their attempt to find a loophole fails.
  9. It does at the ATM. Unavoidable unless you can withdraw at the counter. In most cases they prefer a CC for over the counter withdrawals.
  10. AEON has a lower ATM charge than the other banks; Bank of China has none(unless changed in the interim).
  11. If there is an AEON ATM or better still Bank of China ATM nearby, use that.
  12. No one has nicked your data. The amounts are too small. Not even enough to open the average webpage. It's data leakage.
  13. No need to visit a shop, since they are not the ones who will initiate a refund. Call centres have the ability to initiate refunds. So call....
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