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  1. How did it become your business? If he was unhappy with my reply, he could wait for the next one to come along. Certainly more informative than your offering.
  2. Yes, you can port the number to Truemove H if you wish and apply that way. Make sure that you can receive 10 Mbps with Truemove H at your location before you port the number and if so, apply the package within seven days of obtaining the new SIM.
  3. Why should it cause you any stress? Are you living in Wuhan? I'm sure the doctor that died wasn't young nor old. Check your humanity, you may have dropped it somewhere. I'm sure that his family are more than stressed.
  4. I'm sure they have a telephone number/email address. The General Manager is Thai/American, so I'm also sure that you will get a reply in legible English.
  5. You clearly haven't been here long enough. Most of the replies on almost every thread would qualify.
  6. Do it yourself with https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download
  7. No need to ask me. It was simply in reply to those who stated, "avoid them". Way too many "experts" willing to criticise victims on this forum... always thinking they know better.
  8. Example; https://shopee.co.th/New-Mi-Box-S-4K-Ultra-(MI-BOX-4)-Global-Version-(รองรับภาษาไทย-และ-อังกฤษ)-i.52591873.1345041580
  9. As aforementioned, you'll need a VPN with any new Roku.
  10. If you put the visa number on the T.M.6 then yes it will look like you are trying to use an expired visa. I sometimes use VE even though I have a visa, as the visa is for a different purpose. So I don't put the visa number on the T.M. 6 and inform that I do not want to use the visa.
  11. Why are you asking me? Ask the victim blamers; You are all experts, but cannot quite agree on what he should have done...
  12. To be fair to everyone else, you were the one who originally dragged the thread off-topic, with your ridiculous comment.
  13. I have no idea what you are trying to write. Is it English? Either way, you appear to have grabbed the wrong end of the stick. Just about every here agrees that it was not a proportionate response, regardless of their attitude towards whatever he was selling.
  14. My guess is that Pol Gen Chakthip did not want Pol Gen Veerachai Songmetta investigating this to the benefit of Pol Lt-Gen Surachet Hakparn: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/police-probe-shooting-of-ex-immigration-chiefs-car-in-bangkok/ So his answer was to sack him. After all, if the investigation led back to the police, it would be to their detriment. Just a guess and in no way an allegation...
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