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  1. Not a problem. Hopefully you can get them to apply Roaming if you haven't already done so. Then you can just use USSD codes to keep validity going ad infinitum.
  2. I don't have much experience with this. I would expect Jai Dee to have a fair bit on 'hands on' experience. Though what I would suggest is to be careful with your choice of Android box. Some may claim to play 4k, but the result might not be to your liking. The way I would test a box is to take a USB storage drive with you, replete with the files that you need to play alongside files that you might need to play in the future; namely H.265/HEVC/10-bit. You can find sample files here: https://jell.yfish.us and here: https://kodi.wiki/view/Samples So you ca
  3. Seriously, waaay too much drama. Send me the number via PM and I'll top it up for you. Life is too short for you to stress yourself out over such small things.
  4. Why don't you just tell of the specs of the PC? Typing in System Information in the search box might help.
  5. You only expose your own state of mind when you write such things. I did not arrive here yesterday. I've been here on and off since 1992. How about you? So I know something about the dogs here. In fact on my very first visit in 1992 I tended to a dog with a wound all the way to the bone. Even though I had a nurse(just passing and offered to assist) assist in holding it's head since I knew nothing about the dog it made no attempt to struggle nor bite. On at least two occasions on different islands, a larger dog tackled another dog that ran at me, before it could even get to me.
  6. You need to step back a little. We don't all have the same state of mind. Your state of mind has dominion over your responses. I like to explore. So I will deliberately walk into communities where there are no foreigners to get a feel for life there. The communal dogs can come out in force. So I know something about having many dogs barking and threatening etc But I don't panic. I show them that I am friend. Alpha always stays back and observes. Perhaps a puppy or younger dog will come closer to investigate. You allow them to do their thing whilst making reassuring noises. Don't try
  7. I don't understand what package you want to buy if you are in Australia. Seems it works for others.
  8. Not at all. That is just paranoia. If you had Roaming enabled and planned ahead it would not be an issue. Also you can buy Tourist SIMs without a package for 49 or 50 baht. They just don't put them in front of your face unless you ask. It's a sales outlet and I'm sure the airport space is expensive. So they prefer if you spend a bit more. They all do the same thing there.
  9. Do you have any credit on the SIM? If not, I can put 20 baht on it for you. Then you can call them to ask them to activate Roaming and to use 15 baht to extend the SIM by six months.
  10. I choose to not. Dog lovers don't carry sticks or large stones. You are afraid. Fear is not love. Conquer your fears instead of advocating murder because of them.
  11. Bare in mind that with this PC you can only have one storage drive unless you disconnect the DVD drive. Probably not an issue for most, but better to be aware. I have three storage drives in my PC.
  12. Yes. Though if you have enough credit, you can extend by 180 days for 15 baht.
  13. Nonsense, you just made that up. Feed them once and they know that you are friend and not foe. No more aggression. Like you and I, they just need to know who is who. Once you know someone is ok, you relax your guard. I was shocked at one point to see a dog running alongside my motorbike. I stopped swiftly to deal with the issue and he jumped on the bike. He wanted to go for a ride. Dog people see it differently. Not to denigrate anyone who does not have similar experience. If you are cycling with clip-ons or a fixed wheel bike, then of course it's a bit of a nuisance. Bu
  14. Are you using the package or do you want to simply extend the expiry date of SIM validity?
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