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  1. Fastfood at home: Man Frang Tod kab Majo. Friet ! Not those silly McDonald style French Fries, but real fat Belgium style fried potato slices with a good smack of creamy mayo (not those salty french Mayonaise which is just good for salads) Sometimes generous, with chicken and applesauce. " Kip, Patat en Appelmoes! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoyable food at home, which take a bit more time: one or two of those * Pie (classic style) stuffed with leftovers and grated cheese * Tomatosoup with sour creme * Burger, with vegs and ceddar cheese. * Beef stew with mashed potatoes and short cooked broccoli and peper cream sauce. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- And enjoyable food at home which has short preparation and cooking time: * Spaghetti bolognese kept simple just three ingredients * Omelette (farm style) with mushroom, tomatos and onions. (on bread)
  2. Not released (as back in the public) but transferred. Upon arriving in The Netherlands he is taken into custody and sent to prison immediately. Here he have to finish his sentence. But it will be not the same as in Thailand, better and shorter. It could be possible that he will be released around the same time as his wife, who was jailed for 11 years (still 6 to go). Hope that he will be reunited with his wife who then has to come over to Netherland, as he will probably be banned from Thailand as registered criminal.
  3. Do you have a photo of the actual oven and the components? A name and type would help too. The basic wiring is same with microwave and other ovens. This one is just extra with valves and electronic thermostat, and double. And we need to know what power you are supplying , 230 or 400 volt. (only give away is the 230 volt at the igniters, but even those can be pulled down from 400) Capacitor goes to the motor. You drawed 4 wires and ground, without knowing the type I only could guess that the other wires is for pulling down the voltage. Red Green wire from the probe go to pin 4 and 5. 6 and 7 or 8 is for the power input, and 1 and 2 is relay switch for the thermo relay for the motor and to the igniter for high low setting. It is complex to explain without visual information. A two floors pizza oven?
  4. All the sources says Royal Ploughing Ceremony is on the 11th, except on TV. I need to extend my visa in may, will go on the 13th. Many foreigners will check the calendar on TV. Immigration is open, and no queue line. Perfect
  5. PDF file: 13 May (Wednesday) Royal Plowing Ceremony (Government Holiday Only Banks Open) Make it 5 different calendars and re-check here and here
  6. I'm pretty sure they are closed on Chinese New Year on the 25th, it is on a Saturday But you are right, this is not a reliable source. Just a photo from an calendar. Following up the post before. AND: Not just on the (bank)holidays the immigration is closed, they can be closed at any time if they want. Last year I was there at CW on 4th of November, they were closed. Something with a conference where all the immigration bosses gathered. The best two sources and compare them are: bank holidays and the website of immigration in your region. (Although regarding the website, it's in a developing process all the time one day it works and the next day all broken links. The best information you will get from the Thai language pages..) When I go to the Bangkok site of Immigration, I can just see a announcement shortly before the ''new'' webpages loads. This screen shows when accessing bangkok.immigration.go.th for a short moment before redirecting to the 'new' site with old contents.
  7. Another list from dadmom iron shop.
  8. You could go source for resources at Impact in Muangthong, now there is a expo Home Mega Show ongoing. 7 Halls. ( have some Home builder ) till 19th of Jan. And next month Bangkok Expo , small only 2 halls, for electronics, furnishing and prefab but good perhaps fine sources and some do 'orders'.
  9. NPE/Nathapong have these, the enclosures with battery compartment. And the (micro) switches too. You can find this store here and there just google and look at the map, and if you just walked around the corner in Ban Mo you have had found NPE which is along the water between Ban Mor and the Grand Palace/Wat Pho area. If you are around Ban Mor, do look at the Old Siam plaza too, many Amorn stores which surprisingly have items they even don't know they have had.
  10. Are you able to take the cylinder out? Many can't, you need the key to move the axis 30 degrees before removing. But if you can, take the cylinder to a key maker, perhaps they can 'feel' the number and make a new key for you. I have done that before, with cylinder in slot case, without door. Disassembled the slot case and went to the locksmith with the cylinder. But if you do know a supplier, and especially for those slot case too. Please tell us. Having ABUS cylinders here, and I am looking for the slotcases
  11. Elementary, my dear woodworker. I suspect they went straight out of the socket.
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