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  1. I think that government hospitals were given permission to charge foreigners higher prices than Thais. My recollection is that work permit holders and those with PR could be charged up to 50% more than the Thai price. Other foreigners up to 100 percent more. The hospitals are allowed, but not required, to charge the higher prices. I think free care under the social security scheme is restricted to the one hospital where the social security participant is registered unless referred by that hospital to another. I will defer to those with more current or correct info on th
  2. I can recall watching movies in which the protagonist's motorcycle would from scene to scene seamlessly morph from a four-cylinder four-stroke street bike into a single-cylinder two-stroke dirt bike all the while sounding like a two-cylinder four-stroke. I guess they don't make those anymore!
  3. Some multinational insurers have a policy of not competing against their local operations, so you might find that April International refers you to April Thailand if you use a Thai address in your application. There are also Thai regulatory issues that may make April International reluctant to insure someone with a Thai address. That aside, it is often the case that offshore insurers provide higher limits and broader coverage than Thai-based insurers. This holds true in the case of multinational insurers with both offshore an onshore offerings. Offshore health insurance tends to be more expens
  4. Citibank is looking to sell its operation in Thailand instead of actually closing and I understand that there is interest on the part of other banks. Until sold, Citibank would likely continue to execute the business plans that were in place on the local level prior to the sale so as to either maintain or increase the value of the operation in order to get the best sale price. Other than the branch at Asoke in Bangkok, I think all of the other Citibank locations are only allowed to provide limited service to their credit card and loan customers as foreign banks are limited to havi
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