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  1. What case doesn't have witnesses? Well, a civil assault case like this one. You should do so more reading. You clearly watch CSI too much. I really can't spend time on people who think they know something and need to google it to proof they're right, but still don't know in the end...
  2. Firstly, it would go to the district court. Congress has nothing to approve, it is the law already that punishable offenses in the US can be tried if they are committed overseas by American citizens, which both of them are. States, counties, or cities have no jurisdiction and cannot prosecute. euh...what? roflmao Getting a taxi driver to testify? Not every case needs witnesses. It's not Netflix. She has a police and medical report. Case closed.
  3. Did he give the keys back then? How else would you be able to enter your condo? He cannot take your keys or bike, and I would make a big issue out of it. Regardless what other people think, if you show you know the law and resist, they'll back off. You should have taken a picture of him and gone straight to the police station. After all, you have 4 days time to show your DL if you forgot it, and the office at the desk might know the law better. Let us know what happened afterwards pls. Cheers
  4. It's not up to Thailand, but up to the girl and how willing she is to hire a good lawyer. She might even ask Vern if he knows a good one. Assault and dislocating a jaw IS a serious offense, and since he ran away, her lawyer might even add some other circumstances. However, she can just as easily sue in him in his home state (which is the same as hers in this case) because,....wait for it...., offenses punishable by law in the US, that are committed by an American citizen overseas, can be tried in the US. If she only has the guts to do so
  5. That is incorrect. That woman has 2 options. 1. File charges here for assault. The guy will be extradited and face jail time in thailand. 2. File charges in the US and he will be tried there, because the same offense is punishable under US law. Only offenses that are not punishable in the US cannot be tried there when committed abroad.
  6. No matter the reason for the mob lynch, it is assault. He can sue, and win this case easily. There is nothing he can have done to provoke such a reaction and it could have ended much much worse. I have never been in such a situation, but I would sue. 500 baht my momma To the poster above me: some kind of retribution? really? for parking in a customers only parking area? In Europe you car can get hauled, or you can get a fine Noway physical assault is a proper reaction. TiT, i know, but that is no excuse. This looked barbaric to say the least
  7. Some questions arise: Why would those 2 Chinese guys want to work there? At a warehouse? Wouldn't they get a higher salary at home, not having to stay in a foreign country with all the hassles? And why are there no Thai employees? Is it hard to find 2 people to work in a warehouse? Is the salary too low? That brings us back to the first question... Thai employers also get fined 100.000 baht / or jail term when employing without work permit that is...if the law is applied of course
  8. If he assaults her after something as banal as talking to a taxi driver, I can but only assume this has happened before in their 5 years time together. After all, if someone hits me, I'm not going to let them accompany me to the hospital. But that would be the last time I'd ever speak to them. I think the girl has suffered the same outcome several times before, and hopes she can draw a fine conclusion out of it
  9. 6am....dark, drunk, unfamiliar road or inexperienced driver.... Happens quite too often. A dog, a snake, a mosquito in your eye... we will not know I'd say, hope she can walk again and good luck to the guy who was reanimated
  10. And why do you not do what you do best? Nothing Until you invent a proper solution for the world's garbage disposal
  11. I agree on the Filipino part. I have never met one without a work permit honestly. But then again, I have never met one without a degree, like so many other "teachers" I have spoken to. I think it all depends on the mindset of the SEO nomads too. People I talk with tend to have a goal. Maybe some others just like to travel around and do some easy job online, not really caring. I can't speak for that. Still, if they are not involved in any Thai business, regardless the salary they make, there should be a visa option for them. After all, the world is getting more and more online anyway, so why not.
  12. "TAT is still confident of Thailand's products and tourist attractions, especially the retail shops in Pratunam, Ratchaprasong and Ratchadaphisek areas" Yeah right, that must be it. They fly all the way just to go shopping. Buy stuff at 5 times more the retail price of their own country. And then fly back. It could be they come for the famous Thai cultural dances, temples, food, beaches but wouldn't think so. Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laos come here to prospect jobs. The other numbers in flights are from foreigners who fly back and forth to pick up their stuff they left behind when moving to Vietnam
  13. First, go to the ATM get some money so you are sure you can get back home. Then close your account ASAP. They might try to go online or whatever they can to use your credentials. Go to Vietnamese police station to file a stolen passport and bankbook etc. That is just in case for future identity fraud. Back in Thailand, go to the police station and say that your passport and bankbook are stolen on a trip and you do not know where exactly. Could be Vietnam or Thailand. With the police report, you can get a new passport, and then afterwards open a new account. Maybe they reinstate the closed/blocked account. I don't know that. But your history is in their system, so any funds can be written in your new bank book. Good luck there
  14. I never ever keep any documents on me. They are all at home in my safe. Except for my driving license and ATM card. The reasons for that are: If I lose it, it is a huge hassle to get a replacement. It can get wet, torn or dirty, broken etc... It is not necessary The 1 time I was asked to show my driving license by police during a stop, i forgot it, I told them I would go to the police station within 4 days to show it. They asked for 500 baht initially, but I told them that by law I have 4 days time to go to the police station. They said I could drive on, but were a bit sour. Can't think of any other times I have been asked to show anything. Guess you should not worry. Just keep calm at your office and say you go to pick it up at home and ask them to join you or come back tomorrow
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