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  1. I think you have a faulty idea of what a tourist is, especially your last remark about anyone who leaves their home is a tourist. Have you ever heard of a business traveler? They aren't tourists. Tourism is a specific set of activities centered around economics and spending money. Just because you are a foreigner doesn't make you a tourist. It just makes you a foreigner. And 50b rooms do exist, you just don't know how to find them. You can get a capsule dorm bed with curtain. nightlift and power socket for 50b with ensuite bathroom, hot water, and even AC in the room, the bathroom will get dirty because of the "tourists" but if it's low season, the trick is to just find a dormitory OUT OF THE WAY and then just stay there most of the "tourists" then to stay in the social dormitories so they can be tourists together. I on the other hand tend to find the emptiest most forgotten dorm and stay there at 50b/night. The others pay 100-150b/night, like you said. And if you want 30-50b/meal you go to the night market and chat up the local girls and they make something special for you, made to order and give you a discount because of your looks and/or charm offensive in the local language. It is a strategy and it works. If you are nicer to me. I will explain in intricate detail. the mechanics of said charm offensive

  2. You don't get fluent on the flight, just learn the numbers and phrases like you are cute, and then use that with the girls selling things, it is a charm offensive. 

    The poor fellow RECOM seems a bit overwhelmed by my personality. 

    And a person traveling for pleasure is a tourist sounds like a really lame definition, is that just the first line you saw on Google? Please check Oxford vs. Webster and then consult Wikitionary and even that digusting Urban Dictionary to see the differences you will notice everyone has their own made up definitions for everything. There is no consensus. 

    Look up the definition of happiness as well and you will find the word pleasure again. As if happiness is pleasure. Nonsense. I reject that definition on both counts. 

    And I have learned a lot since this morning, maybe not here, but I am a researcher, so I have researched for 8 hours today, and I only ran my mouth after I got a mouthy reply, if you don't like my mouth just answer my questions about HOW TO ORDER THE COUNTRIES, and you will notice I won't be mouthy anymore. 

    And how dare you use a profanity on a family friendly forum such as TV. 


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  3. 3 hours ago, recom273 said:

    You lost me now - this is the exact way these threads always go.


    I”m afraid by your very nature, despite your protests, you are tourist. I can see your angle, I did the same thing myself in Sumatra, 20 years ago. People would invite me to their homes, sleep on the floor, follow me around supermarkets, pull my nose. But does that really happen in SE Asia any more?


    i would suggest you are being a bit optimistic on 100-200B a day - I actually see that as a little unethical, you want to see the world but you aren’t interested in putting money in local peoples pockets.


    Anyway, all the best, hope you have a great time. 


    Seriously, steer clear of Luang Prabang, it’s not in your budget. It’s out of my budget too, horrid over priced place full of people you really don’t want to meet.


    Very niave, mate! NO kidding that you are lost. I still don't see what I have said makes me a tourist. It is just what you're saying. And what you say doesn't make it fact. Prove how I am a tourist. First you need to define what a tourist and tourism is, so I can see if you can even get that initial part right. As for your other remarks, what exactly is my angle? I bet you can't articulate your thoughts beyond the peripheral. Go ahead and explain my angel to me, if you can? And 200B/day is doable, many do it, maybe not you, because you got spoiled, but for some us, it's a daily reality, and what is unethical is actual tourists who stay in mid range and high end corporate hotels and resorts. Do they actually think they are helping the locals by staying in posh accommodation? It goes straight to corporations and the government, not families. At least I stay in cheap places and place the cash in the hands of the family head. I don't pay service charges at restaurants, is that what you do? Most tourists go to places that charge ++ and think nothing of it. Because that is the same trick used on them in their own countries. They are a duped people, I find their approach immoral and your ignorance of that is telling. And i will use LP as an entry/exit point, I won't spend more than a day or two in the city thank you for the warning, I will head up river and spend most of my time giving my money to those villagers. 


    And to the person who thinks I am taking Thai courses, wrong junior. I learn Thai before arriving to Thailand (on the plane).  I don't pay anyone to learn languages. I teach myself using online resources. 


    And the charm offensive is only for the locals. When I am speaking to farang (whiteheads) I am more harsh because they are a  people so full and in love with themselves, they need to hear it straight. Hopefully it will snap some of them out of their own contortions

  4. 2 hours ago, Nyezhov said:

    Well hes right. You are a tourist, and I see you think you are a better breed, even though you are cheap charlying??


    The weather truly sucks in SE asia during the summer. And there are more drunk Brits living here than are tourists. And if you avoid Pattaya, theres hardly any drunks at all, except Thais And 200 baht a day? Stay home, you are coming off as the annoying type of know it all that I see wearing elephant pants begging.


    Or perhaps go on Lonely Planet and ask. You wont get coddled here 🙂

    He's right about what, exactly? And how I am a tourist? I already told you I am not interested in tourism. Does everyone who goes to Chiang Mai as a foreigner automatically become a tourist in your mind? What a load hajaboo. How do you know I am not on an education visa to learn Thai for example. Are international students also tourists? Nonsense. You are just grouping me into categories you better understand. Typical mental block of the mainstreamer. I don't fit in to your categories, junior. And I am different, if you say better, then so be it, but I don't think I am better, just different in a good way, since what I see in others is so gross, especially tourists, and especially since they NEED English and liquor in order to travel. So yes the fact that I don't need English and liquor makes me feel different and in your words better. Of course it is better not be an Anglocentric drunkard. Would you like to be a drunk foreigner who only speaks 1 language, or a sober attractive younger traveler who speaks many languages and charms the locals. And if I am a cheap charlie, it is because I have learned how to manage money better than the rest, also the locals are cheap charlies as well, so how dare you mock the locals like that. And those drunk Brits are the WORST and they are tourists by the way even though they live there. I have nothing in common with neither the Brits who live there or the Brits who travel there. Of all the groups, I can't think of the 1 group more unlike myself than the Brits. I'd rather interact with the ignorant American than the Pompous Britannicis. That is a latin term for them. And don't worry I will never go to Pattaya, that place will be judged like Sodom and Gomorrah. And good riddance. And I don't beg, I have money. You just got the wrong idea. And I don't wear elephant pants and I don't like the company of hippies as there is usually a smell of ganja. I also don't like the alcohol smell. Lots of smelly Westies a bout. Avoid them ike the plague. I may know it all and be annoying at times, but the other stuff, is not true. Please inquire before concluding. It will be improve your disposition. And Lonely planet and here are both full of people who don't really answer questions except the minority. The majority come across as unhelpful. I only ask for the minority's sake (so that learn about the majority and what makes them so unhelpful). It is a service I provide for minorities. If you retract your statement and be nice to me, I will include you in these services. You see if I was really a cheapo, I would hoard my stuff, instead I offer to share them. That is who I really am, but only if you apologize to the forum members for using my post as a tangent accelerator.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Suradit69 said:

    Since your question is ridiculous ( tuning your travel in SE Asia) and your assumption  that I'm obliged to answer your question in a certain way demonstrates an unwarranted sense of entitlement on your part, a dumb answer was the most appropriate. If you don't like it, request a refund of your subscription fee.

    Another unintelligent contribution, full of ego and pride. What is ridiculous about my question? Other than because you say so? And why answer my post of questions if you're not interested in answering questions? You really see answering questions on a forum as an assumption or obligation. Sounds like somebody has the stick up in it. And it is not a certain way you have to answer, just answer. You haven't answered, so that is why I brought it up. And what is my entitlement? That you answer my questions? That was the whole point of the post. And yes I do feel entitled to ask questions on here. It's the whole point of registering. How is that unwarranted? And you talk of fees and refunds shows that you have led of a life obsessed with money. No surprise you don't wish to help others, since there is no gain in it for you. Leave the answers to the less self-absorbed amongst us. Now off you go back to tuning your investment portfolio. Sine you obviously aren't interested in helping me to tune my trip. Why would you? Nothing in it for you. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, recom273 said:

    I am little confused by these kind of posts over the years, either here, or backpacking groups on Facebook.

    What’s the angle? Value for money? The real SE Asia? Or just time limitation?

    The places mentioned are all mainline backpacker destinations, if you want to avoid backpackers, why go to those places? 

    In tourist destinations, I see the low season as a grim time, restaurants closed, resorts in disrepair, restaurants running on skeleton staff with no menu, increase in petty theft as the low season progresses, constant rain, (in the south) choppy seas, no attractions or tours running, and total boredom. It’s a real depressing time, you don’t really get to see the region in it’s true light. The novelty of sitting on your balcony reading a book and eating alone at night soon wears off.


    I lived in Ko Lanka for a couple of years, there is nothing better than the buzz of high season, the island is alive, people enjoying themselves, friends busy and happy - restaurants packed with people. I can always find some reasonable accommodation and food, it not as cheap as my city in the Deep South which is far away from the tourist way, where every day is the same, but I do see the merits of the high season. I think you would be better to move away from the well trodden trail, but Incorporating some of the destinations,  

    Also, Myanmar? really? 

    Thank you for asking for more information, it shows a more stable mind. And yes value for money is my prime motivator I am not really interested in tourism, seeing sights, attractions, package treks or tours, although getting a massage, joining a gym, learning the language appeal to me, and other non-touristic behaviour, for example I tend to learn local songs and sing to the locals in their own language, something tourists normally never do and even frown upon if they are the hating type. Anyways, VALUE FOR MONEY, you got it. And I go to backpacker destinations for the low costs not for the backpackers although I would like to hangout with 1 or 2 backpackers after I have vetted them for b/s, there are different types, I like about 2-5% of the backpacker crowd, so that is why I go in low season, so I am not overwhelmed by them. Sadly, the more pristine places are more expensive and that is why I go to Pai for example, because they have 50b/night accommodation, most people don't believe it's true, but it is 100% true. And then have 30b meals. And spend about 100-200b/day all in. You can't do that in a place like NAN, for example? Or Can you? And it is ok if some of the restaurants are closed, because those Western themed expensive tourist restaurants are ones I avoid anyways. I tend to eat from the night market or shop in the morning market and cook or eat where the locals eat and I ask them to change the recipe for me, which they do because of my looks and language ability, they usually cater to me since I smile at them. It is a system I have developed that infuriates the tourists and endears the locals. If you are nice to me and don't attack me like other people here, I will explain for you in great detail how this system works. However, I have to vet you first to see if you're a good person or not. It's 2019, so there are a lot of phone ballers around (phonies). Pretentious types looking to put others down with their remarks. So it is ok the expensive restaurants are closed along with the overpriced bars and their $5 cocktails, who needs them, I don't, good they're closed, and good the drunkards aren't there to get drunk everynight. I like how the nightlife tappers down in low season. I like to hear the crickets instead of the English pop music and obnoxious Californian accents of the young backpackers. It's nice in low season. And i never go to resorts anyways, so good they're closed as well. Keeps the riff raff out. And skeleton staff sounds good as well, more chance to connect with 1 or 2 people, instead of not connecting with 10-20 people, and no menu is needed since they know what I like to eat anyways after a few days of the charm offensive. And they normally don't rob me because I put a scary face and they back off. Also having a beard helps as they fear bearded men which is just silly and really immature but it works. And if the other backpackers are bored that is usually a good sign that it's my kind of place, so your descriptions of low season sound wonderful. And I am used to being alone, and when I want company I seek out the local beauty and not lonely anymore. It's a win/win. Alone time and then not alone and then alone again and then not alone. And the sight of a packed restaurant doesn't appeal to me, and when you say buzz I think of noisy, obnoxious conversations about people blabbering about how great they are, and babbling that lead nowhere, nobody really discusses anything important it is mostly superficial banter. And a lot of posing to cover up the pain everyone is feeling inside, many turn to liquor and unless everyone is from a Western culture, there can be social differences that lead to fights and arguments. For example, abortion. Some people think it's ok to kill children, and others don't. Anyways, I like being away from the tourists, but I need the tourist places to keep the costs down. Because those places have VOLUME, I can find a niche within them. And I have visited Myanmar before. 



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    I am trying to avoid high tourist season in the following countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar

    I am arriving to the region (haven't picked a entry point yet) in mid-June (the coincide with start of the wet season).

    I know summer holidays means tourists, so I would appreciate your help to ORDER these specific countries in the most logical way to avoid the peak period in each country. I don't mind the rain, it is the tourists, I wish to avoid (and the higher prices associated with them). I have lots of time, for example 1 month in each country.

    I am only going to specific pockets in each country.

    And I am flying everywhere, not a fan of overland trips. 

    So fly in, spend 1 month in a loop, then fly out. 

    Here is a mock order, I would like to re-arrange it.

    * THAILAND (Chiang Mai and Pai) mid June-mid July

    * LAOS (Luang Prabang and North) mid July-mid Aug

    * VIETNAM (Hanoi and North) mid Aug-mid Sept

    * CAMBODIA (Siem Reap and Battambang) mid Sep-mid Oct

    * MYANMAR (Mandalay and North) mid Oct-mid Nov

    * I may skip Myanmar and/or Cambodia and spend the last couple months in either South/Central Vietnam, Southern Laos or Deep South Thailand. Again, dependant on flight connections, and low season crowds. 

    So again, I am ok to go in wet season, and the whole point is to avoid peak tourist season, that is why I ended the trip in mid November, as the dry, peak season starts around that time in mainland Southeast Asia. Thanks!



  8. 8 hours ago, at15 said:

    im in a deep dark place in the province enjoying a bowl of chicken green curry for 20 baht. i know of several old women selling normal thai dishes for 20 baht. there is even a lady selling dishes for 10 baht each , but this is well off the beaten path. you will be seen as a complete nutcase to thai people but it can be done !!

    Excellent work AT15, but why call it a deep, dark place, you make it sound dreary? Why go there if it's not the best place? And if you pay 20b for chicken imagine how much cheaper a green veggie curry is? That chicken is suspect, I bet. Stop eating animals make, it's gross unless you are willing to terminate its life yourself. White hippo. And yes of course it is normal to sell Thai dishes for 20b, that's how much they're worth since they are mostly water anyways. Only white people pay 150b for a thai curry, and say MMMMMM. SO GOOD. And back home they will happily pay $10 for such a curry. Really dumb. And yes 10b is also possible. But why be seen as a nutcase by Thai people? Are you sure that's just not your guilty economic mindset? If that's the price, then it's what you pay. They probably put dog in your chicken curry, so that maybe why they look at you funny, since gringos normally keep dogs as pets. I suggest you stick with the potato, jack, cheaper, and safer. Don't eat meat in Isan, it could be your pooch on a stick. Especially northeastern Isan. 

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  9. 9 hours ago, gearbox said:

    Everything else aside, costwise Samui and Phangan would be more or less on par...in fact for long term stay Samui may be a bit cheaper, as there is a bit of public transport, and you can extend your visa without going anywhere. There is a fairly good public hospital too. There are rooms for the Thai/Myanmar workers starting from 2500-3000 baht per month.


    The massage prices in Samui/Phangan start from 200 baht per hour.


    I'm currently in Pattaya and is quite cheaper than Samui or Phangan. We don't have 10 baht bus in Samui, and I haven't seen 150 baht massage prices for long time.

    Phangan is cheaper than Samui, you just have to know which beach to go to, if you don't mind dorms, it is 100b in low season, only doable if the dorm is empty of riff raffers. Otherwise, they have some Bungalows for 200b, sometimes on the beach and in Thong Sala, the cheapest accommodation is there. Ko Samui is for a mid range place, Phangan has all price categories. The key is to avoid the farang, they are a toxic influence wherever they setup shop. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, RedPill said:

    I just read that camping at the waterfalls and views of the Mekong at Pha Taem National Park east of Ubon Ratchathani, are quite nice these days. But probably above OP's budget with 400b entrance fee, so that one is excluded.


    Moving on to cheaper territories .... but maybe it helps to start painting a clearer picture of what to expect on a holiday in Thailand.

    No free mushrooms to be found in that forrest!





    I think you got dinged AGAIN 400b, sounds like a several dozen meals right there down the drain. I suggest learning how to cook. So next time you can use that 400b to help out the orphans or help free the beaten baby elephant at the Isan Elephant Slavery Camp. Now that would be a better use of 400b. Giving it to the Thai government helps nobody except corrupt officials, who will probably use the money for sex tourism in Cambodia or their own country. Only farang pay those ridiculous ticket prices anyways.

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  11. 8 hours ago, bwpage3 said:

    Some people are in Thailand because they are broke and cannot live a normal life.


    If I had to worry about spending $10 for food, I would honestly do myself in


    I cannot image waking up everyday and eating the same foods day after day


    That is not living man, that is just barely surviving


    No one in their right mind would argue your point as a good thing


    You talk yourself into believing this nonsense because you cannot afford otherwise.





    Nonsense, you have just be gouged most of your life and have got used to that as a standard that is why you dont understand a minimalist point of view because the trickery of wealth and greed has become normalized in your psyche that comes from a lifetime of Western economic values. And you can talk down to me because I am not Thai, if a Thai talked about 100b + 20b, you'd zip your lip. As if all foreigners who can afford flight should also be able to pay $10/plate. Folly! No wonder you guys into debt. I have zero debt and have been like that most of my life. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, khunPer said:

    I know you have a lot posts in this thread, but just to remind you, what you did say...

    @sakoo, you said...

    "I would argue it was the advent of the Vietnam war and horny American pigs looking to conquer the flesh of another man's woman that started the Thai sex industry..."

    –but seems like you now agree in, that it was not...
    "And I never said American started prostitution in Thailand..." 


    So you seem to agree in that the sex industry – or prostitution – was there before the Americans arrived during the Vietnam War; that was the point of my quotes from Thai-history experts...👍


    Thanks for letting me join with posts in this amazing thread...:wai: – sorry I'm too busy to continue, but I wish that you will succeed in a succesful 100 baht + 100 baht a day tour around Thailand, hopefully we will one day see an update about which province is the cheapest...🙂

    Yes I always meant the Americans made it worse, meaning they revolutionized the Thai sex industry and added their particular form of vulgarity to it, what I meant to say is they popularized it with Westerners and introduced the idea of an easy Thai woman to white people. And the cheapest Thai province in Chiang Mai because of the high volume of people, you can strike deals in the low season.

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  13. 12 minutes ago, CG1 Blue said:

    You claim you have a good amount of money, but that you choose to travel on a very tight budget. The lady selling noodles is doing that in order to feed her family. But you want to get her 20 baht noodles for 10 baht. 

    Don't you think that desperately poor lady would prefer you (a relatively wealthy traveller) to give her the extra 10 baht? You think she enjoys the the 'fun' of bartering with you?


    It wouldn't be so bad if you were living in poverty like the noodle seller, but you're not (apparently). 

    You're jumbling different things together I never said and then saying it's what I am doing. I would never barter over 10b or with food. Only at the textile market I will barter for example a difference of 200b vs 300b for example. I will of course give the noodle lady the full price she asks, all I am saying is it isn't worth more than 20-30b. I think paying 100b for noodles for example is a very farang thing to do

  14. 1 hour ago, androokery said:

    I'm not your bud or your partner. 

    Your words to me (emphasis is mine):

    This level of disrespect to those of us who actually buy and pay for the things that you use for "free" is really disturbing. Your actions are those of a low parasite. 

    Looks like we have a grouch! That word tenant wasn't from me, it was added by spellcheck I think, it is an oversight, the actual word I wanted to use is forever lost now, as I can't recall due to the extent of the many posts, and what is it you bought and paid for that I am using for free? 

  15. 40 minutes ago, androokery said:

    This is mental derailment on an epic scale.

    Sakoo, I think you'll find it's "tenets", the "tenants" you write about are the weird voices that have taken up residence in your head. 

    There are no voices Andy, it is a spiritual connection. And I don't recall writing about tenants. You have it mixed up again, bud. Time for a nap, I think. Maybe a massage for 100b/hour. 

  16. 3 minutes ago, androokery said:

    Younger but too old for long bus trips...? How old do you think we are?

    Dear Andrew Kerry (a very white name by the way)

    You are in your elder years and I am in the beginning of mid life. But I skipped a grade when I was young so that makes a huge difference. Also the Lord advanced my mind to be ahead of my peers in high school. That is why I am different. Because He made me so. So He can send me on this trip to school ignorant backpackers on the ways of the Lord. For now, He has brought me to some of you. To teach you repentance. 

  17. 29 minutes ago, gearbox said:

    If you fly into Samui, the airfare will swallow more or less your monthly budget. There is no return ticket to Samui cheaper than 5k baht. What kind of minimalist flies into Samui?

    Hold your horses there partner, it's not a plan yet, I have months yet to fine tune the specifics, i will fly into Samui from KL with Air Asia, or Surat Thani, and the take the boat to Thong Sala. Are you an expert on Thong Sala? 

  18. 2 hours ago, Gecko123 said:

    Dear Gecko, Thank you for your understanding in these argumentative times (2019). When I hear you type I can see there are still a few left who are the right mindset. Diplomatic. You said almost everything I said about what motivates people to do this is true. What did I say that is not true regarding their racial motivation? And yes you did so as well. Good that you notice that about yourself. The question is will you do it to someone else next time you meet someone who is different, talks different or looks different? Will you immediately racialize them with questions? And yes I use this forum to express my socio-political concerns. And you noticed me for that. Excellent. And yes I do believe you are also an intellectual and that is why you are nice to me, since you miss being around your own kind. Sunnyboy and company just didn't do it for you, I take it? And Amy as well. It just wasn't enough smarts there to keep you tuned in. Now that I know you have intellectual reasons for figuring me out, you have my direct permission to continue doing so. Communication matters to me. And I have screened you as non-threatening. You can guess again, but first let me know why the Indian remark keeps coming up. Why do I say that reminds people here of Indians? Is it because the UK is full of Asians (Indians) so they think I am one of them because I am rebellious toward English hegemony? What was my most provocative opinion? To me they are quite normal things to say about our world. I have thought like that since I was in high school. And is my talk about the Lord really that unexpected? Doesn't anyone believe anymore? And my coyness is actually a form of protection. Because I am really sensitive, I have to protect myself from those who would abuse me. That abuse can be mental, emotional or physical. And I have learned to be cautious until I first check someone out. Usually only intellectuals pass the test, and then I begin an emotional exchange. Most people expect the emotional stuff first, and are disappointed and ultimately rejected. Not because I wanted that but because they had the wrong approach. But I believe the guess where I am from actually started with my remarks about Westies. You see once they find out someone doesn't like them, THEY MUST know where that person is from, so they can say, oh that's why, because that country hates us anyways, so it makes sense. I wanted to show them that anyone and everyone can be critical of the West while being Western themselves. There you go, I gave you a hint. I suppose I resented the fact that some of you thought I must be some kind of foreigner in order to think like that. As if only someone who didn't live in the West thinks like that. And thank you admitting the truth about those trapped in the matrix. Have you ever rebuked them? They need a good talking to. Especially Sunnyboy and his kinsmen, Amy, and also one other, who has since disappeared in shame, I think. Or possible to visit the library for some long overdue study and research assignments. I didn't know about Saddhu, but anyways that is the wrong religion. I am not a fan of Eastern religions, because of the idolatry. I have to be careful in Thailand, because I actually dont' agree with Wats, and Buddha statues, images. I am also hurt by elephant tourism, I really feel sad about that. When I look at he animals in the zoos, I really feel sad. I can't be in a room where animals are being paraded for tourists. Especially baby elephants who are separated from their mothers and starved, dehydrated, beaten to break their spirit from a young age so they will be docile adults. Their rationale for this is because otherwise they may kill someone in rage when they become older elephants. My answer is to just release them and stop the elephant tourism. Backpackers are so stupid for riding them. It's not a domestic animal like a horse or camel. They need to be in large spaces, not decorated with paint like in India. So when I first heard about being connected with India, my first thought was the elephants. That common life force in living things is called a spirit, you do not need to be coy with the terminology. That's a form of spiritual deception for example people who say I don't believe in our Father in Heaven, rather I believe in the Universe. That is more deception. Or others say I believe in Mother Nature, notice how they capitalize these terms, but when talking about God, they use the word "god". This is a clear deception especially of the dumb, young people. Full moon crowd, will have to steer clear of them. And while watching the sunset is nice, thinking the sun is holy is itself a form of paganism, so you have to watch out for that new age <deleted>, and the tantric yoga nonsense, even meditation. The only answer is prayer. Pray for what the Lord wants in secret, and he will reward you openly. 




  19. 3 hours ago, marqus12 said:

    Good job Sakoo

    These people who attack you live in a cocoon where information is

     dosed and served in a way that they can digest, as in matrix.


    They are more brainwashed than North Koreans and they don't even know it .

    Excellent Marcus, you understand their situation well. That is why I preach the name of the Lord, so as to snap them out of it. The matrix is the devil's grasp on them. What can be done for them? 

  20. 3 hours ago, owl sees all said:

    Many a poster here has done the deed and walked the walk. Now they are content to rest up in their later years. 


    Maybe your post is uncovering long forgotten memories and springing an emotion; envy!. Others might just be wishing that they had half of your adventuring spirit.


    And by 'wicked' I mean in a humorous sense.


    When are you starting out sakoo?


    Peace and respect.

    I see so they are feeling nostalgic, in that case why the confrontational approach? Why the anger toward the economics? Why do they feel like they have to defend the Thais from me? And why do they call me a bum, etc.. if they are feeling reminiscent? Is it a kind of pety behaviour? I always thought they react that way because of built up resentment throughout a lifetime and it is not personal. So do they react this way to other younger traveler who frequent this forum? Are there any such persons? Or am i the youngest regular on this forum? And I will be in Thailand in the next low season, which is European summer, i will visit more than once, possibly June and/or September. I will focus one of those months in the North (in Chiang Mai and Pai) and the other month (on a Thai island). I assume Koh Pha Ngan is the only island choice for me given my budget. I have found some 100b/night options on that island, probably to nobody's belief. They are out there. I am also consideing Ko Jum. I will either fly into Krabi (for Ko Jum) or Ko Samui (for Koh Pha Ngan). I am too old for long bus trips. 

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  21. 2 hours ago, Gecko123 said:

    I forgive you Gecko, let me ask you why are you more polite toward me than the others? How come you don't revel in the common musings of hate that others show toward me? And I don't need to be interacting with Brits daily to see and know what they're like, I can observe how they treat each other, also their behaviour on social media, etc..How they fight with immigrants, and their hooligan behaviour, drunkenness, sarcasm. I have seen them come and go all throughout my life. They are gross, even their woman are unattractive, and why are do slaggish? And sleep with everyone? They're not even that attractive. Anyways.  If you want me to believe you are not racializing me, then why inquire about my race at all? Answer me that. And I don't feel pressure to confirm or deny, the pressure I feel from you is that you are racializing me while all the wile being really polite about and assuring me you mean no offense, the real way of not showing offense Gecko is by not asking the racial questions at all, you see that filthy Amy, with the remarks about Malaysians and Indians, that is just a more brazen way of racializing someone, you do it with niceness and she did it less nicely, both are unwelcome. It's not your approach it's the content of your words that is the pressure. And so far only you and Owl have displayed intelligent remarks toward me. How can Amy or Sunnyboy or company be considered individuals with analytic intelligent statement. It is just more sarcastic dribble from offended white people. Can you imagine being in a bar with these guys. They are the type to curse whenever they feel intimidated. They are best left to their drinks, card games and sports programming. And thank you for calling me nimble, you are right about that, I am very quick in everything I do. So you see I will admit things about myself when you get it right. And those movies you mentioned are all movies I have seen and keep in my collection. I like them because they are more intellectual than you usual Spiderman genre which is many here probably like (because they are dumb). Aren't they dumb, Gecko? Just admit that so we can move on. So yes I accept your compliments just keep in mind never to ask race based or leading questions to someone when you first interact with them, you can ask after you have been screened. And I speak almost a dozen languages by now Gecko, English is just one of them. And I am college educated but I reject colleges as a way of indoctrinating young people to prepare them for the corporate rat race. So I do self study. I don't recommend universities either. It's just a business. And I am not Japanese or Korean or Chinese, although I speak Chinese, and I can see you are still focused on race. And that is a let down, Gecko. Is it really that interesting to pin point my race? What will it achieve? So you can say then OH SO THAT"S WHAT THOSE PEOPLE ARE LIKE? Or oh that makes sense because he is from there, so that is why he is like that. That is the stupidest way of thinking for white people. It is why I don't like them. Because they always aks me SO WHERE ARE YOU FROM MATE? I tell them from the world mate. And they see that as arrogant. But they are the arrogant ones for asking. As for the name Sakoo it does not Japanese, although some idiot first thought it was Indian. It is actually a made up name created in mind mind in the moment of registration, it is only a coincidence that it is also a Japanese name. And those Asian converts to Christianity are usually obsessed with a particular church. I on the other hand reject the 20,000 denominations out there as 100% sedition. This is usually not a trait among new believers. No, you can't profile me Gecko, i won't allow it, and will use each attempt to show how fruitless such an attempt is. It's very Western. You need to move on and ask others questions like, why don't you like the West? What did we do to you to hurt you? Those are better questions and areas to focus on. And yes Sakoo is 100% made up. I am an honest person. I am a Christian so I have to tell the truth even to people who hate the Lord and mock and scoff at Him given every opportunity. He will have His day with them. In the meantime, I am here to remind them it's the wrong direction. And to COME BACK. And it is the Lord's way of working in mysterious ways that Sakoo is a derivative of the Japanese name 'Saku' and means 'remembrance of the Lord.' That was not my design or intention it was Him always inside me speaking for me like he does now, sometimes I let the devil in and whisper to me like how I talked to Amy was less godly but with you I can sense a closet believer who needs a reminder. And remember I did not choose Sakoo consciously but I am not surprised the Lord picked that name for me because maybe I am here to work for Him on some of you. After all, I am a preacher at heart, The kind the church would shun because I spoke the trut about them. The kind that would get booted off television or radio because he was too different. And from my point of view the avatar name was selected out of thin air, but remember my viewpoint is small and worthless compared to the how the Lord operates, and if you want something to believe in, nevermind my name, and focus on your shaky faith. Your redemption is nigh, humble servant.  



  22. 12 hours ago, khunPer said:

    The book is co-written by a Thai, but published by Cambridge University Press. The authors are: Chris Baker that thaught Asia history at Cambrigde University, and Pauk Phongpaichit that is professor af economics at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. There are several other sources available, which agree in these facts, I've also quoted from one of the others in another post, and I'm quite certain you also read it...😉


    I'm sorry if facts changed your image of "American pigs" being responsible for starting prostitution in Thailand.


    Please show me some facts stating the opposite, instead of talking about Soviet and WWII...🙂

    Emphasis on CO-WRITTEN, that is thing about Western people, they like to have a non-white face or name around to give the illusion that it isn't 100% about them but always as a sidekick not the main player. It is the same in Hollywood, you will always see a non white face or name but incredibly white washed. For example have you seen an American of East Indian descent with a full on Indian name and full on Indian accent delivering the news? No, but you do see a white washed (coconut) on display with a name like Lucy Dosanj and full on white accent and expressions, she gets the job right away, and that is the same throughout ALL media including books and publications. It is not so important that a Thai co-authored the book, it is more important who published it, and I question the genuine intentions of Western corporations like Cambridge university, the British are not to be trusted with history, they are a guilty party and deserve a massive punishment for their behaviour in British Empire days, I think they are getting it now with the uncontrolled immigration, that place will tear itself a part, it is always so many British leave Britain, because it's not really Great Britain is it. They would have stayed if was so great. In fact it is a dreary place. And another thing professors often get their education from places like Britain or USA, so the fact he has a Thai name is less important, what matters is who taught him? If he was taught by British professor how to think about history the fact he is Thai is no longer the point he is just a lacky who went along with the master race, Thais a re a passive people, and for some reason they look up to Farang, I'd like to see you find sources of opposing information by professors from China, Russia, The Middle East, Africa, places you usually ignore because they aren't pro western. Usually westies ignore countries like that because they assume it's all anti western propaganda or anti-america, etc.. how convenient so they just stick to their pro western sources and get a skewed view of reality. Of course the American soldiers enhanced Thai sex industry. They also carpet bombed Indochina region, and they still talk about bombing today and then when they themselves get bombed in NY for example, they are in shock that someone out there might hate them? What an arrogant people so short sided and no clue about the carnage the US and UK flags have caused throughout history. A guilty people indeed. At least admit the wrong doing it's the least one could do. And I never said American started prostitution in Thailand, that's your quote, truing to put words in my mouth, what I said was they made it worse, because they are indeed sexual pigs. A raunchy people to say the least. And the British are no better. Devious, backbiting, not to be trusted. 

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