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  1. As a Thai anthropological expert, my senses tell me that this is done deliberately to direct the traffic of panicked “””tourists””” to rush the visa agents and pay extortionate fees; being so fearful of the prospect of having to leave (lol) and potential arrest/incarceration. The conventional immigration infrastructure cannot withstand what will become a monthly stampede leaving it to the last minute. Well done
  2. Now THATS an elaborate way to make a brown envelope handoff
  3. When you use any ATM in thailand, grab the casing around the card reader slot and give it a good tug and try to jimmy it off. Sometimes, skimmers install a fake casing that conceals the card skimming device on the outside of the atm cars reader that fits snuggly over the slot. You can usually twist or pull them off with minimal force. always check.
  4. I hate to be so cynical but I think this “plan” is deliberately designed to (1) Prevent all but only the richest westerns from entering (and paying an obscene amount to do it). This is to limit western influence and eyes in the country as they suppress the riots. (2) Crush and bankrupt the tourist infrastructure (especially the red light scene) that caters to westerners to deter them from coming in the future. (3) Restricting entry to “””low risk””” countries (which means rich asian ((mostly Chinese)) tourists that will buy up the bankrupted tourist infrastructure and turn it into the another Sihanoukville. It’s not in Prayut’s interest or the rich to let in tourists at all, and they simply don’t care about the suffering it causes. It really is a shame. I hope the kids can throw him out somehow. The repressive nature of it all is so evil.
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