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  1. I got an in-class TEFL in bangkok and then got a little...."sidetracked" so I didn't wind up teaching, but I might decide to put it to good use considering this new demand. I'll require 2 gov't assigned thai gf's for the duration of the contract
  2. I don't think he's talking about retirees, pensioners, etc. I'll take his advice and definitely NOT settle in Thailand whatsoever in the future. But I'll always visit...for 6 months at a time lol
  3. come on guys, we all know what happened lol. The farang complained, and because of his age and 4th class status in thailand, he was murdered with impunity.
  4. i stayed there for 6 months when i was 27. I met some really cool older dudes with riveting stories just sitting at Witherspoon watching the world go by on Soi Bukhaow.
  5. if i were you, i'd just fly into Vientiane, walk across the bridge, and then fly to U-Tapao or wherever is closest to your ultimate destination. I'm planning to spend 7 months with a METV visa and there's no way I'm risking being denied entry at BKK airport after a ~30hr flight + the cost of the visa.
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