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  1. Just a rumour, but.... One wine on Friday One beer on Saturday One short on Sunday (Mon to Thurs no alcohol.) Could start from June 15th!
  2. It's Saturday. Soon we'll have more choices. For now, will be watching Schalke later. Nice stadium. Hoping for a few goals.
  3. It's to help the many market traders who need to get up very early.
  4. This is probably not going to go down so well, but my mum went to the same school as Maggie Thatcher. She was also a baby-sitter for former Leicester goalie Mark Wallington.
  5. Replying to myself. Looks like cinemas won't be opening on June 1st after all coz there are no new movies to watch. Okay, more shops, massage & zoos then.
  6. Guns have been legal in Thailand since 1947. One in ten people have registered owning a gun. (Guns are no longer legal for foreigners.)
  7. Got to be so careful. Don't get angry when a motorbike beeps you on the sidewalk, when smoke is blown in your face or someone jumps on the BTS before you get off. Stay calm & stay quiet. TIT. (No guns please!)
  8. Cinemas and zoos possibly to open. Have zookeeper been training the penguins to stand on orange circles while waiting for fish?
  9. Suggested I believe to help morning markets. Curfew hours 11:00 pm to 3:00 am. Getting there... slowly.
  10. You're a young 78. My relatives live in Southbourne, so I've been to Bournemouth a few times. Great place.
  11. Absolutely right! Many years ago foolish, drunk, old friend of mine went short time with a bar girl & then shared a cab dropping him off first at his family home. One week later she wanted 7000 more or she'd spill the beans. Happened one time only thankfully. 1.5 million. That's inflation. Who would ever pay that amount? Wasn't ME, I have no family!!
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