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  1. I sympathize with your plight I am a O-A multi entry visa holder but at this moment in time would be unable to prove an essential reason for travel.  My partner of 6 years lives in our condo in Bangkok, we are not married so I’m sure having a home, bank account and partner would still not count towards essential travel.


    I believe  the UK government should be instructing embassies what is essential.  Tourism is not essential and visas and C.O.E’s should not be issued, although they seem to be readily available and many have travelled on them.  If a C.O.E is issued it should be accepted as a proof you meet essential reasons for travel by the border control and airlines.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Upnotover said:

    From what I have read it seems the best approach would be to apply for entry to the Embassy wherever you are as the first step.  That will not need insurance, flights, medical checks or such, only details/proof of who you are and your reason to want to enter.  If your potential entry is approved that's when the fun starts with all the planning and paperwork, you'd expect(?) they'd be providing you a detailed list at that point.


    Lack of visa might be interesting, but in any event I'd be taking the first relatively easy step and see what develops.



    I have O-A visa and stuck in the UK have checked the Embassy website and they are not open for visa requests at present or information about entry requirements.  I am assumIng that until flights resume after 31 July or whenever, they will stay closed.  My info is $100,000 insurance + the Thai insurance required for O-A visa + covid negative test for embassy fit to fly certificate + covid negative test before you board + quarantine booking in advance at your own cost.  I will wait a few months before I consider a return, hopefully a things may ease but not holding my breath.

    good luck though.

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  3. Sorry, don’t want to hijack the original post but looking for similar info.  I am stuck in the UK after returning from Thailand for my niece wedding.  The wedding was cancelled and my flight also, my reason for posting is that before going to Thailand I need 2016 I was a self employed photographer, a forbidden occupation in Thailand I believe.  I have read on TV that recently of a sad incident of a Ukrainian male whose wife was killed and that he had lived in Thailand as a freelance photographer for 5 years.  Is this possible as would be perfect for me.

  4. I am currently on my extra year of the O-A visa (original visa valid Dec 2018 exp Dec 2019) I left Thailand in May 2019 and returned November 2019 where I was stamped in for another year.  I am currently back in the UK and returning to Thailand in April, now I’m pretty sure I will need the insurance requirements for re-entry.  


    I have checked a few of the approved companies on the list and it seems they will only issue certificates to people currently in Thailand, tricky one?  I have checked the UK website also for applications for new O-A visa should acquire a certificate from approved companies on the list.  My question is has anybody on the O-A visa had problems trying to get Thai medical insurance from outside of Thailand.


    thanks for any advice.

  5. Hi all, new member but not new to your forum.  I find your members experiences a great help when preparing for my frequent visits to Thailand.  I have the O-A visa issued December 2018 and returned here on Thursday.  Now the one thing I’ve learnt is never to question an IO’s knowledge of his job and have more documentation than you need!  Ok that’s two things.  First question from the IO you have your insurance certificate please, yes here it is, quick scan and stamp for one year extension and sent on my way.  For your information I only had multi-trip travel insurance for one year.  It worked for me your experience maybe different.


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