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  1. Has anyone in Bangkok had Botox injected for bruxism? I've been looking around and and while I have found a lot of beauty clinics I haven't found a dentist that does it. I would prefer to see a dentist since I imagine they better understand how the jaw works specifically and I need it for teeth grinding and not aesthetics. Also it's surprisingly expensive. I was quoted 12000 baht by two beauty places which is more than I've paid in Europe. I understand that the Botox itself costs money, but I wonder if they practise some unpsoken price control within the clinics.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm based in BKK, but I'm taking a week of in late December to go traveling and I want to go somewhere with good saltwater fishing. I see people on the forum complaining about Thailand being fished out, but there must be some good places left. I hear some of the island in the Andaman sea are good. Any chance you guys got some specific tips on where might be good in December? Thanks! Gustav
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