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  1. I wonder how many of the Thai Elite 1% have been fully vaccinated? I would wager that most, if not all of them, have had at least 1 jab....
  2. Why can't the various embassies freight in the vaccines themselves? They have diplomatic privileges'. Why get the Thai Govt involved, Anutin & Co will just create a clusterf u c k. Then all the embassy needs to do it is Contract some nursing staff/doctors to administer the vaccines at the embassy. Sounds so simple...
  3. Unfortunately having 13 digit no. counts for nothing. When you enter your 13 digit no to check on status you get an error message saying no record of you. How can there be no record if you managed to get the 13 digit code no. Thai logic... https://www.chiangmaihealth.go.th/wallofcm/
  4. I am planning to sell my house (Wife's Name) privately (no agents) and want to know what the current various property tax % are. Also who (buyer/seller) is responsible for payment or is it normally split 50/50? I believe that because of CV19 some tax concessions have been granted by the Govt. I found the following on a website but have no idea if the information is up to date? 1) Transfer Fee - 2% - Buyer? 2) Stamp Duty - 0.5% - Seller? 3) Withholding Tax - 1% - Seller? 4) Business Tax - 3.3% - Seller? The property value is ~7M and I have held
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