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  1. Another coup in the wind? It's been 6 years since the last one, must be due another one soon, lol... There have been 13 coups since the start of the 20th Century... https://www.thaienquirer.com/13406/grading-thailands-13-successful-coups/
  2. The new pack will more than likely all have a moniker of Gen. ???
  3. As if the great General "he who must be obeyed" is going to listen to the press. He never has in the past, why start now! More likely a token gesture as advised from his spin doctors to try and gain merit from the public...
  4. OP states Thailand’s animal-protection laws are stronger than in other countries. Thailand may have many laws, unfortunately they are rarely enforced, so it's a bit pointless having them, just for show. TIT...
  5. Another misunderstang, after all Thailand is the hub of misunderstandings. Ai Farang never understand... solution, use monkey robots to pick the coconuts...
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