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  1. So strange, I buy all my Miele online. Never had a problem. Of course that was in Germany.
  2. The French author Madame de Staël described the Germans as the poetic and thinking people in her book De l’Allemagne, which was published in 1813 in England, after being censured in 1810 in France: „Since the outstanding men of Germany are not assembled in one and the same city they almost do not meet each other and are only connected through their writings...the German authors busy themselves only with theories, learning, literary and philosophical discourse, something which the powerful in this world do not fear". Many others since took up the theme of Germans as the poets and thinkers. Of course a dream is a pre-requisite to action. That was something Madame de Stael did not realise. Now, I am trying to encapsulate the Thai national character as precisely as Madame de Stael did with Germany. But how....how indeed....
  3. No need to be oversensitive, nobody's bashing Thais. It's interesting to see the overprotective Farangs have a fit though. Maybe that is actually a valid point. Like in the Philippines, in Indonesia, the Thais are not formed into a cohesive people yet. That is why it is so hard to pinpoint their national character. There just isn't one yet. It could be. Having said that, across all classes of Thais there are values that are held and shared by all, so presumably also by people from different regions.
  4. Yes, it is true that there are class levels in Thailand as well. However, studies have been done where for example Thais were asked to rank work accomplishment and harmonious social relations, and across the board all classes ranked work accomplishment lower than harmonious social relations. So there are values that are held across the board by all classes of Thais.
  5. Well there has been an interesting academic study. I quote: "Unfortunately, there is a growing body of evidence to indicate that national cultures differ widely, and the result is marked differences in behavioral patterns worldwide. By “national culture”, we refer to the “primary values and practices that characterizes a particular country” (Robbins, 1989). "Thai people have a very big ego, a deep sense of independence, pride and dignity. They cannot tolerate any violation of the "ego" self. Despite the cool and calm front, they can be easily provoked to strong emotional reactions, if the "self' or anybody close to the "self" like one's father or mother, is insulted." Many analyses using Buddhist influence to explain about the Thai being so gentle, ever-smiling, non-aggressive and have high tolerance for uncertainty however fail to explain the sudden emotional outburst of Thai behavior. Incidents of violent actions ranging from breaking up of relations, verbal and physical fights, to killing, can be found both in the less religious urban Thai as well as in the more religious oriented rural Thai, and more so with the hooligan (Nak-leng) class who can easily be provoked with just a non-verbal stare." It would appear therefore, that just like in Japan, where the exaggerated politeness is a remnant of the times when the Samurais could decapitate anyone not deemed deferential enough, in Thailand too the all-smiley highly polite culture is an avoidance mechanism designed to prevent violent confrontation. There is a strong sense of obligation to reciprocate kindness. In fact the Thais prize caring and considerate behaviour far higher than Westerners. Principle and ideology are not valued highly. Whereas flexibility is, the ability to adjust. Thus whereas the Thai can appear as often switching allegiances, see politics, not very loyal (in fact Thai women were found to be the most unfaithful partners in the world) this is in fact an expression of the Thai values of flexibility and ability to adjust. Obviously the value of religion, superstition, amulets and such is still very high and there is a lot of "merit making". Ruth Benedict (1943) and Embree's (1950) anthropological observations viewed the Thais as prone to be easy going, fun-loving, lazy, and lacking the consistent hard work one sees in other countries. "However, all Thai, without exception, ranked hardworking achievement value much lower than the group of social relationship values" Thais however also very materially oriented. In fact they buy merit with money. http://www.thaisunset.com/downloads/Suntaree Komin Thai National Character.pdf All this is a strong amalgam, but much more complex and fragmented than saying Germans are dreamers and thinkers, hard working etc. It seems it is not so easy to get to the core of the Thai national character.
  6. So Germans were known for centuries as the dreamers and thinkers, but how are the Thais known in Asia? What is their national character? Would be interested to hear the views of people who have lived here a long time.
  7. It's a bit sad when an older woman tries to have a relationship with a younger boy. Because you know for sure the boy is just using her for sex (or in this case sex and a celebrity life) but in the long term he won't stay with a woman who at 56 will have a face that does not compare to 46, 36 and even less to 26. He will leave for sure. It's different for men. Because women only have one shot at the evolutionary goal, a baby, they do not just look at looks, they look at many other characteristics, as the woman in the "No" camp in that article makes clear. So many older men actually succeed in keeping their younger partners on side. Women are not, generally, able to do so because their deteriorating looks and sexual attractiveness are an issue, and are therefore bound to be the losers in a young boy/older woman relationship. It's sad.
  8. It came out in court that Amber Heard put out a cigarette on Depp's cheek. She also threw bottles at Depp, one hit his hand causing part of his finger to be severed. Depp had to get medical assistance in hospital. And all the while she claims he was the one beating her, but she didn't get any medical assisstance after that episode and fled the country. AH meanwhile goes around everywhere calling Depp a wife-beater, including writing a piece in the Washington Post. Even though the pictures with bruises she used to get a restraining order, according to testimony from a concierge at the building she lived in, only appeared weeks after Depp had left the country. What a piece of work this AH.
  9. Lol, you have gleaned this intimate knowledge of the man how exactly? By following his speeches on CNN? Because I'm pretty sure you weren't invited to Thanksgiving. Of course he lies. He's a politician. Shocking but true, politicians lie. All of them. All the time. Non-stop. But cheating on the SATs? Really? It's her word against the examination board I guess. He certainly doesn't come across as amoral. His good and bad just differ markedly from yours. Severe Psychological abnormalities? That's an interesting long distance diagnosis of a highly qualified professional in the field, I'm sure. But frankly we both know that's bs that's just motivated by your political opposition to Trump. You're a strong supporter of some of the people Trump doesn't care for. I get it. But to pretend you can do a psychological long-distance diagnosis is frankly a bit presumptious.
  10. Even if she didn't lose her sex drive though, a woman over 40 beckoning to come hither has to have a different effect than a 26 year old. As a man it is very hard to accept a woman's physical change after 40. But yes, the changing libido can be a serious issue. It has to be in sync. I think Lili Damita had a strong sexual urge, but maybe Vanessa Paradis did not. It's possible.
  11. Lol, of course the book is fabrication. She was cut out of the will and is taking revenge for losing out on millions. How else to explain this came out just before election time? Obviously she's seeking to inflict maximum damage. Astounding disloyalty by this woman. To people who paid her medical insurance for years and showered her with money.
  12. Yes, fourteen years. "He was having dinner with colleagues at the Costes Hotel and she was sitting with a group of friends. According to both Johnny and Vanessa, when they saw each other, this time it was like love at first sight. “I saw her across a room and I thought: ‘What’s happening to me?’” he said. “It was one of those instant connections. You have this feeling – I can’t really explain what it was.” He then invited her over and they talked for two hours." https://preview.tinyurl.com/y9vsdhq4 The perfect couple, the perfect love story, the perfect children. But it just was not enough. Vanessa Paradis turned 40 and Depp, being a man cheated on his woman. To her credit even now she supports Depp. It's oddly reminiscent of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita. Again a beautiful American/French movie star couple who seemed to have it all. Including children. But again it was not enough. The male of the species really is not made for monogamy.
  13. "Ms. Trump’s status as an outcast culminated in 1999 when Fred Trump Sr. died, and she discovered that she and her brother had been cut out of his will, depriving them of what they believed was their rightful share of untold millions." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/07/nyregion/mary-trump-book.html So a fair and impartial account then.
  14. Yup, that's right, that's why the pound found a few buyers actually. Exactly spot on, that's what caused the mini-rally
  15. As long as it hits my take profit of 1.2680. This rally maybe short-lived but I reckon the pound can still go up a little.
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