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  1. Not at all, urging the hunting down of human beings with slingshots is beyond extreme really, a criminal offence in most civilised countries. The campaign was "very effective" in getting the group that promoted it banned from Facebook yes. In terms of Thais, the campaign was ridiculed and rejected, and as we saw here foreigners still not wearing masks, so how exactly was it effective? I was in Phuket and was fleeced by hotel, taxi mafia, but great rotis and good tailor, mixed experience. No desire to go there again.
  2. It doesn't matter, because Thais are already in Thailand, Europeans have to contend with their own very slow vaccination and quarantine. Thais are already there. And the Chinese will be way ahead. I don't think Thais will gear up for Europeans, more likely for Chinese and Thais.
  3. Wrong, Russian tourists alone in 2019 outnumbered British by a very large margin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Thailand Yes, there is a little more British than Germans in Thailand, by a tiny margin, but once you factor in all of Europe the Brits and Americans are a much smaller group.
  4. Indeed. We have seen this virus basically accelerate existing trends, same with the closures of retail stores on the high street, the push towards plastic payment. Covid is a big accelerator of underlying trends.
  5. While the purchasing power of the Thai middle class is somewhat less, undoubtedly, there are also Chinese, Koreans etc, and given the chaos which Germany, France and most of Europe are now in, thanks to the betrayal by the Anglo-Saxons in keeping vaccines for themselves and their own stupidity of allowing the mass-export of their own vaccine, I wonder if large parts of Europe will fancy large scale travel if they have to keep quarantine for 2 weeks when they come back. I hope I'm wrong, but if I was Thai, I certainly wouldn't bet on German, French, European tourists, and by themsel
  6. I think unfortunately many thai service providers, restaurants, bars etc, will try to ensure themselves against something like this happening again by targeting Thai tourists more and more, Chinese and less and less Western tourists. This alone will turn off Western tourists who will not like the feeling of being 3rd class tourists, with everything geared towards Thais, Chinese and so it will be a self-fulfilling path. The mere risk of another virus lockdown will result in less offers towards Western tourists. One can see it already in Chiang Mai, with many of the typical Western tourist place
  7. Yah, but someone tells police to enforce those rules. They don't come up with this nonsense out of nowhere do they? Someone decided this should be done. And they are targeting foreigners, carefully adding Thais in key wording to make it seem fair, but it's very clear against whom this is targeted.
  8. You never paid for a trip, drinks, dinner, the family cows? Seriously?
  9. I have a feeling there is strong anti-foreigner sentiment in Phuket. Wasn't this the place where this extremist group that wanted to hunt down foreigners with slingshots was from?
  10. They're all paying. There's not a single man in Asia who does not pay for his gf. That's the problem. If all men could agree to stop paying this racket would stop. But there's too many guys who can only get it for cash, so that will just be a beautiful dream. Reality is one guy will always pay, and then we all have to pay. Terrible, awful truth, but it's the truth.
  11. I am thinking of setting up a few computers to mine bitcoins. It brings 8 to 10 Euro a day, so 300 Euro per machine. Four computers up and running and your rent is paid every month.
  12. You don't actually have to hold any bitcoins to make money off bitcoin. All you need is to open a Forex trading account and you'll be able to trade Bitcoin currencies without the hassle and risk of holding bitcoin. You're welcome.
  13. Yah, you all complain about the money grabbing girls on dating sites, but guess what, it's your fault! They wouldn't be doing it if they didn't know it works, if you guys were not handing out thousands of Baht throughout your lives to these mercenary dating professionals. So ya, they are gold diggers, but because you let it happen, you're the ones paying the money. Your fault.
  14. Just because Brazilian scientists put out a false report on effectiveness does not mean Sinovac is safe. One should look at the data that records incidents after Sinovac was administered. Hong Kong tracks data on the vaccines it administered. "Most of the adverse events, which have not yet been definitively linked to the jabs, involved the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine – 69 cases out of 91,818 doses administered – while two concerned the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, of which 1,207 doses had been injected as of Sunday." https://news.abs-cbn.com/overseas/03/13/21/h
  15. So true, we had a few for the kids and some <deleted> soi dogs came in, when the 3 year old unwittingly opened the electric gate without anyone knowing, and proceeded to murder the rabbits, gentle little creatures, in the most horrific manner possible. Before I could extract vengeance by strangling the overweight soi dog mainly responsible, now caught in my rabbit enclosure surrounded by dead rabbits, the Thai woman responsible for feeding these overweight killers took them away and promised to pay for the damage. Never saw her again.
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