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  1. If he starts foaming at the mouth then will certainly be worth taking a closer look at what's going on. I don't expect Bachchan to experience such an event.
  2. In common parlance a punter is a customer whether shady or legitimate. A lady / gentleman of the night.
  3. Yes, Thai version and translated certified version chopped by MFA.
  4. There used to be a facility whereby you could register your foreign marriage in the UK but was completely pointless exercise and is no longer available.
  5. No communication required between states. You're married, end of.
  6. I suspect C19 lockdown has softened the edges and the Tories not taking their eye off Brexit as will need something to brag about at the next election. There's not much else at the moment.
  7. You have a nice face for marriage so I'm happy to kick it off. Do you want to marry in LOS or UK? It doesn't matter if you marry in LOS or the UK, the marriage will automatically be legally recognised in both.
  8. It's just the flu with some modifications but performs exactly the same as influenza. Still not seeing the bodies piling high in the UK. Nightingale Hospital shut down after treating next to no one. I was sold a nightmare scenario by the UK MSM four months ago and it's not materialised. The economy is screwed, nonetheless.
  9. My office-based job has become a 100% remote job for the past four months and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I'm starting to enjoy it.
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