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  1. Dig a little bit deeper with your female and male work colleagues perhaps? They're not all out for afterhours drinks.
  2. Just tell her the lottery numbers have come up.
  3. It's clear as to how the travel insurance provider has refused the claim. A massive brain tumour doesn't appear overnight and therefore a pre-existing condition was evident on the basis of fact. We have to put facts and the minutiae of the policy exceptions ahead of moral sensibilities however much it hurts [no pun intended]. I wish the Mr Witmer and his loved ones all the best.
  4. Interesting as will be relevant to many. A 'pensioner' whose spouse or civil partner has died is entitled to an inherited amount ... if formed before 6 April 2016. So if the spouse isn't of pensionable age then not entitled to an inherited amount is how I understand it. My wife and I married formed our marriage prior to the aforementioned date. Thanks.
  5. Like a Thai ever took any notice of the Traffic Act.
  6. My personal gripe is Thais taking a left turn in their cars. The approach to the junction appears normal then all of a sudden it's 'Driving Miss Daisy' and slows to 2mph. What the hell is that about? I suspect lack of confidence and lack of a decent driving test. A highly dangerous manoeuvre and extremely frustrating. If their on their bikes then it's the complete reverse.
  7. Do you know if this could work if the mobile telephone number was ported from DTAC, Chicken George?
  8. We can continue with the I don't believe climate change is manmade versus the I believe climate change is manmade argument, but it's entirely reasonable to ask the question as to what will, once and for all, fix this supposed manmade climate change and how would one know how to separate out natural climate change versus manmade climate change. A response of taxing us to death doesn't answer the question either as how will taxation solve the issue? I wait with bated breath, Catoni, though suspect I'll be waiting for some considerable time to come.
  9. I appreciate them as animals but horrible little critters close up and personal.
  10. I'm sure Joe will be glad of any stimulation with a 30 year sentence.
  11. This is also confusing without further clarification. One has to apply for an NI number in the first instance. It's obviously not automatic. This was one of the first steps we took on my wife entering the UK on her settlement visa.
  12. Very difficult to understand Humpy's post as very short on detail, steve187. That the marriage was registered in the UK doesn't mean a lot. He also states that she has an NI number but doesn't know what it is. Humpy's further clarification would be most appreciated. My Thai wife is a British citizen, our marriage not registered as no point and one can no longer register a foreign marriage but we didn't bother when we could and we most definitely know what my wife's NI number is.
  13. This lad's entire criminal history is a product of poor parenting and the liberal British justice system. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7760395/Joseph-McCann-tearaway-14-receiving-one-Britains-ASBOs.html
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