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  1. I agree with the protester but it seems a bit pointless to smash the window and then offer to pay for it.
  2. Most companies make a ceramic film, usually it's their high end/most expensive option. 3M would be a good option but any ceramic film works great.
  3. 3M diesel fuel additive is pretty good and readily available in Thailand, just check the capacity of your fuel tank to see when you should be throwing the additive in. Premium diesel is good also.
  4. There isn't much point using a VPN for this purpose nowadays, literally every website is encrypted (ssl/tls).
  5. It wasn't about money at all, Vernon was just suing him on principal, that's it.
  6. Is it actually recycled in Thailand or does it get exported to China or somewhere else like most of the West's recycling? That's the real question.
  7. I haven't smoked for about 3 years now and I was surprised when my dentist showed me how all my teeth are still covered in tar. It's worth getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist if you've recently stopped smoking.
  8. All of the honey I've tasted in Thailand has no flavor at all. I'm convinced that it is all heavily watered down with sugar syrup.
  9. You can buy cabin filters that are designed to filter out PM 2.5. "D Protect Filter Nano-Shield Series" seem to be OK and they have cabin filters available for many different models of vehicle on Lazada, they cost around 400 depending on the size of the filter. Your aircon won't be quite as powerful using one of these instead of the paper cabin filters, but it's worth losing a little bit of power.
  10. I used to think that Jomtien beach was cleaner but a lot of news articles in the past couple of years of raw sewage being leaked out of the beach in Jomtien, so I've changed my mind and best to stay out of the sea I think. If you Google search for sewage leaks in Pattaya or Jomtien there are many many articles and videos from the past year or two. Better to stay out if you value your health.
  11. Well, it does have something to do with a payday. That's basically the goal when suing someone.
  12. Every couple of months these headlines are popping up but nothing changes....
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