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  1. As I say,... I never visited the Pole, as Shackleton almost did, more than once. I never danced on a pole, as girls sometimes do. I never played with my pole, as young men sometimes do. But this is OK. It's OK because I am free in SE Asia. I am sure that you know what I mean, or, otherwise, you would not be here. Instead, you might be back home breaking granite with a sledge. This is why I never complain. You and I are very lucky. And, in Thailand, luck is an important concept. So, I daily remind myself to not complain. When I was living in my home country, I was a whiner. But, after arriving in SE Asia, I feel lucky. I hope that you feel the same way.
  2. I don't know about you, but I have been a sailor. And, although I enjoy the sea life, northern Thailand is even better for me. Being in northern Thailand feels very free, to me, almost as free as being at sea. The reason I posted this is because I know that you guys feel free, too. There is something about the culture here that allows one to feel free. I am not talking about Easy Rider type of free, as I am sure that you realize. Anyway, the inspiration for this short topic submission is, of course, Tracy Chapman. Neil Young is great, and so is Tracy. So was Tracy and Hepburn, for that matter. But, Tracy Chapman is one of the most underrated artists of this entire era. Take a listen to this, and then tell me if this song is not wonderful, please. Thank you. In fact, for a very short time, like Joseph Conrad, and Charles Darwin, I used to be a sailor, and I sailed in most of the available seas, but never down south near the pole, like Shackleton. How many of you love the rocky waves?
  3. OHIO Wow Tin soldiers using live ammunition to cut young students down. Where is the outrage NOW I wonder.....
  4. It's gonna take a Lotta Love to change the way things are. La la la la la la la la la....
  5. I learned my English listening to the BBC, and I suggest that your Dude do the same. Hope this is helpful.
  6. Hey Hey, My My! It's getting pretty cold in northern Thailand, these days. Last year, was far warmer. Rock and Roll can't never die. But, I wish it were warmer here in the north.
  7. i am listening and communing with Neil and Harvest at this very moment. Young is incredibly good
  8. I am not from Canada, and I do not listen to music, normally, however I was wondering if there might be some sort of Neil Young club in the north of Thailand. We are very fortunate to have the internet, just because without it we would be precluded from listening to much music. I do recall the days before 1980 when one could not easily obtain music if one were in far flung places. And so, maybe there is a Neil Young Club here, hopefully. Meanwhile, I hope that you will enjoy this, a tune which is very old and very identifiable with Neil. Let me know if you love Neil as much as I. Thank you.
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