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  1. Seems shady. I have only limited knowledge of Thai employment law as it applies to teachers (and much of that I've absorbed through forums), but I know a fair amount more about the "international school sector" and western standards of equity. I think you're overgeneralizing the "sector" in several ways, and it's unclear if you're referring to your own contract situation or some perception of what's normal when you write "you are now said to be in breach of contract." Yes, schools will want to know if you're returning. Yes, schools many schools will impose a deadline. Yes, schools may start looking to fill your position if you don't re-sign (or indicate a willingness to re-sign) by a certain time. That time varies by school. Not to overgeneralize, but elite schools are going to try to leverage an earlier recommitment date. Many lower-quality schools will also try to overplay their hand and get recommitments early. And many schools in the middle will take more measured approaches, realizing that good teachers may consider testing the market. Schools with way-too-early deadlines that expect firm commitments are playing a risky game. They risk teachers who might want to explore other opportunities, but who are open to returning if they don't get a "dream" job, simply leaving. When January and February roll around, many of these teachers will still be uncommitted for next year, but the bridge has been burned. In your situation, it's impossible to comment with Thanks for this. The contract says that if notice not to sign for the 20-21 academic year is given by the October deadline, staff will be paid until the end of the academic year “including July and August”. However, after this deadline staff will continue to receive salary and allowances until their last day of work but are “not entitled to the July and August pay and allowances.” You are right that this is very one-sided as they are not likely to provide a contract which protects the staff for quite a few months.
  2. Despite having a contract until the summer 2020, October was contract renewal declaration time in the International School sector. If you did not indicate a few weeks ago that you would be leaving in June 2020, you are now said to be in breach of contract if you say you will not stay until June 2021. This means leaving at the end of the academic year in June 2020 could incur a penalty of losing some holiday pay for July/August. Nobody has been given a contract for 20/21 yet (or is likely to get one for several months). Is this legal under Labour Law/ Private Schools Act given that no contract for 20/21 has been signed?
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