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  1. Hi all, I searched extensively but I can't seem to find an answer. I married a Thai women last year and filed an I-130 to bring my spouse over to the US. Since I filed the paperwork, I have visited her a few times in Thailand and it is just not the same as when we were together and I was living there last year. The paperwork has been "Received" for 11 months with no further action from USCIS. She seems unhappy, posts our business all over social media if the smallest thing makes her mad, makes me practically beg and apologize for not calling her; I came to the conclusion enough is enough and don't want to be with her. At this point we don't even talk on the phone anymore. Over text on Line we both agreed to part ways. I don't want to travel back to Thailand (expensive) to get a divorce (if she even shows up to the Amphur) If I meet somebody else and want to get married in the future in the United States (I am still in my 20s!), do I have to worry about being married in Thailand? Can I just cancel the USCIS application and call it a day? I am tempted to just block her and move on with my life for many reasons not outlined above. Weird situation, any advice would be great. Thank you very much!
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