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  1. I have the one top right. Cost me a whole 40 Baht, with free shipping, on Ebay. Does what it needs to do, and completely painless, as i heard some may pull hairs.
  2. A. The average Somchai can not afford a hydrogen fuelled car, and the Thai people who can afford, take better care of their cars then the average TVF member. B. I think explosions will be in the same range as LPG cars, which are owned by the average Somchai
  3. I remember there was a time when investing had to do with value, earnings and prognoses. That was a long time ago. Now they could actually move the NYSE to a casino floor in Vegas, as that is where all the gambling happens. Gamestop, which increased again by 100% yesterday, and is already more than 50% up in pre-market trading today. Based on nothing more that tweets and reddit posts, or in other words, pure speculation and gambling
  4. What you mean with not a word, did they just scan the 90 day slip in your passport, and gave you a new one?
  5. It may be, though in the topic on the other forum, there was a reply that it was standard procedure for almost a year now in Samut Prakan.
  6. Just read this on another forum. New rule at Immigration? To renew the 90 day notification, you need a photocopy of the picture page of your passport and a photocopy of the old 90 day notification. When announced at Immigration today, about 30 of us left the line to make the photocopies. Of course, you must arrive with your passport and the 90 day notification in your passport. Photocopy of face page of passport is needed. Photocopy of old 90 day notification is needed. Of course, both copies must be signed. They didn't give me a new page for the 90
  7. My believe is that the agents are owned by IO, well I don't believe, I have proof of it, but I can't post it here of course. Currently they get checked from higher up I think. I went for my extension a few days ago, and the guy who handled the application, had to take quite a few pictures, IMO to prove that I was applying in person. One of the pictures was with the passport, open to the picture page, and held so that it showed my face as well. Never seen that in previous years when applying. Only picture taken when pick up passport
  8. Just ask the crypto experts on this forum, who for years in line have bought at bottom prices, then sold at all-time highs, and bought again after it crashed at the lowest price just before it started recovering again. Rinse and repeat
  9. I think it is rather those that can't see the difference between a digital and a crypto (virtual) currency will get flattened by the train one day. https://www.bbva.com/en/what-are-the-differences-between-a-digital-currency-and-a-cryptocurrency/ Central bank-backed digital currencies, such as the potential digital euro and digital yuan, may become a reality in the coming years. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, these currencies promise less volatility and greater security. In addition, they will have the support of their respective monetary instituti
  10. I have a 2 phase meter, and have the same box as the OP, hanging there for 9 years now, and I can't notice any deterioration. I hope you feed your goldfish in there.
  11. The fact that a tweet from Musk can make Bitcoin increase or decrease in value by 10% in just a few hours, show how messed up the financial markets are, and how much intrinsic value those stocks and crypto's actually have. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitcoin-ethereum-prices-seem-high-164237008.html Bitcoin and ethereum prices 'seem high,' says Musk
  12. I didn't have a reader software on my PC, since browsers have a PDF function, but I downloaded Slim reader and that solved the issue. Thanks
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