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  1. Guess not the right time to go to any Muslim country and say, hello I'm Jean Claude
  2. I had very bad teeth from teenage, so bad that the local dentist became a good friend. At the age of thirty I removed the whole lot
  3. Looks like someone respected their own Islamic laws then
  4. ONLY 65 times you will mean, as I reckon it should have been a multiple of that, given that most of his tweets and posts are lies and conspiracies.
  5. I don't think there is a need for that, since they are in the process of removing themselves.
  6. Does this government really live in cloud cuckoo land? I hope they get the cruise port ready by that time, as there will be a queue to anchor.
  7. Will the US now finance the Chinese trains and subs?
  8. From his approval ratings, it seems the majority of Brits doesn't agree with you https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/trackers/boris-johnson-approval-rating
  9. Thank god for that, I already had given up hope of ever eating fish again in the EU ( well that's what the Brits thought )
  10. To me it sounds illogical that there would be a lock on any fire cabinet. What they do in case of fire, go search for the key?
  11. Guess that is the equivalent of Plarah in a bottle. Ever wondered why, apart from Aussies and Brits, nobody else in the world has ever heard about marmite and vegemite?
  12. 145 Baht on Lazada https://www.lazada.co.th/products/sixpack-i949472914-s2819242456.html?
  13. Susco


    That would have been the last day Barclays would have had me as customer, unless they compensated you for all those expenses you just made
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