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  1. Which part of 3.3 Million people out of a 7.9 Billion population have died, is it that you fail to understand? And those 3.3 Million not all died FROM covid, a big part, I estimate 50%, died WITH covid, especially in the US because there reporting a Covid death was kassa for the hospitals
  2. Same goes for you. My post was about the percentage of people worldwide that have died "from or with Covid" combined, and that turns out to be 0.04%, which is a very small figure. Now if you can tell us what percentage of the total population of Australia, those "about" 30% of people with serious ill effects after infection, represents then we can determine if it is worrying or not.
  3. Thanks for correcting my immense exaggerating, I should have used a calculator. As I can't edit my post any more, so 0.04% of NON VACCINATED people in the world has died from and with Covid combined
  4. No, not 30% of people in Australia. 30% of symptomatic people in Australia who got serious ill effects from Covid That is something completely different, stop the fear mongering
  5. Not always true. My renewed CC is in my home country, but I have the previous one here with me. When I make a online purchase I enter the details from the new one, but at the end it asks me to insert the card into a Digipass, and press some codes. The Digipass detects this is not the new card, and cancels the transaction
  6. And my figure was both combined, so the percentage of those died from Covid will be much lower
  7. There seems to be a lot more beyond your grasp than mine. I know you like to talk in percentages, so here is one for you. 0.4% of NON vaccinated people in the world has died from or with covid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:COVID-19_pandemic_data https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/
  8. Interesting.. I wonder if this is an isolated case. I knew that you were gonna continue to be in denial and act like an apologist. You don't need to "wonder" if this is an isolated case From the article I linked to While most cases are mild or asymptomatic, officials say at least 97 fully-vaccinated people have been hospitalized and 32 have died in Illinois. So I could find you more sources, but as I told already before, not gonna waste any more time on someone in denial.
  9. For sure there will be some among them, but it is a fact that people have died from covid after they received both jabs. https://abc7chicago.com/breakthrough-covid-after-vaccine-death-il/10558121/ https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/coronavirus-180-deaths-following-vaccination-reported-in-india/article34274144.ece?homepage=true
  10. Exactly, this is not about effectiveness or not, it should be obvious for long time already that it's about control.
  11. Are you Richard Smith's agent? There are plenty of CREDIBLE reports of it if you take the time to search for them. Since you gonna deny them anyway, I can't even be bothered to do your homework.
  12. So since a very small percentage of infected people is symptomatic, and an ever smaller percentage dies, the vaccine is a waste of time. Since ALL vaccines claim to be 100% effective against death, I wonder why we have read already several reports from all over the world, where vaccinated people have died after being vaccinated?
  13. I would remove "most" from that sentence. There are legit sellers on those Chinese online platforms, but certainly not most. Which owner you have in mind? The period that Jack Ma was less visible publicly, has passed a few months already, and was more a rumour than anything else. Anyway, do you really think he is attending any details on any of those online sales platforms Alibaba owns.
  14. I think you use the correct wording there with "betting that", because that is all they can do, as nobody has a certainty what the future will bring. The only difference between these conglomerates and the average business, is that they work with money from the bank, and that if it all goes tits up in a year or two from now, none of those company directors will lose a dime. They will simply let the company go bankrupt, another unfinished monastery will be added to the horizon line, and they will register a new company and continue building.
  15. I don't get involved with anything that has no intrinsic value, and which price is determined by what one or another influencer tweets on any given day
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