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  1. They should have hired you, or any other TVF armchair investigator
  2. Susco

    Tony's Gym

    I once paid 4000 Baht for a lifetime membership at california wow. It lasted 2 years or so before it got closed down. If I recall correctly, Tony was selling his lifetime membership at 7 - 8000 Baht. Now if I combine the price of both, which would be total of 12000 Baht, that money would buy me a 6 month gym membership in my home country. Some people on this forum really should get a life.
  3. Maybe oil prices is the only item included in the Thai index ?
  4. Thanks for the intellectual suggestion. Could you please point me to where in Makro are the ready made food, Thai dishes and salad bar located?
  5. Just wait for him to be praised to heaven by the usual suspects here, when he takes a positive stance on drugs.
  6. In Big C extra on 1 June prices of all ready made food, that is LOCAL produce for those who missed it, have been raised by 5 - 10%. This includes the salad bar, bread and all the THAI dishes. This is the second time within a year, so why if there is no inflation?
  7. He should have done that 7 years ago. Those appeals cost money, a lot of money, not gonna happen for a pensioner who is in no position to extend his retirement visa
  8. Had the LG guy come around today. He replaced the mainboard, a sensor and another wire, transformer was fine, as was the motor. Tried to clean out the case, first with his own pressure cleaner, and later with a small Karcher I own, but impossible to remove the sticky stuff. Total cost 2540 baht , on top of the 428 Baht I had paid for the survey. Such unexpected repair costs are never pleasant, but in hindsight, it could have been worse.
  9. He gonna invite them all to the UK? Why countries like UK and US always want to intervene in other countries politics? It's quite simple, if you don't agree with them then stop buying products from them. Oh wait that not gonna happen of course
  10. Thanks for sharing your superior knowledge with us. I assume you consider a 60K fridge also EXACTLY the same as a 10K one, and a 100K LCD TV also EXACTLY the same as a 8K one
  11. I heard the PPRP party soon will also change it's logo colours to khaki green
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