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  1. Probably will have no time for a trade deal with the UK either then
  2. Some people think that trees tulips grow to the sky
  3. A PayPal account is registered to an email account. I never receive message from PP on my phone, always in my email
  4. I only buy rice berry, but my questions actually applies to all kinds of rice. As I'm single I buy 1kg packs at the supermarket, but see rice berry from different brands at all kind of prices. Usually I buy the cheapest available, which differs every time, because brands have promotions at different times. So the last one I bought was Green Nice at 65 Baht for 1 kg, while the other brands were between 100 and up to 150 Baht. So the question is, does the price really matter, or is all rice berry the same, regardless of price?
  5. Pretty much unusable this afternoon. Would have thought that with so many ads, there would be some money available for a decent data center
  6. You have a wealth of no idea, because resellers are usually cheaper than the original source, otherwise they would have no business They buy their credits in bulk at discounted price, and offer in most cases a choice of services, so they can sell at whatever price they deem profitable for them.
  7. Anyone know where to find this. I have the common bitumen tape, but I would need to fill a hole, so would need some that I can knead/mold to the required shape
  8. For long time I experience this, and couldn't find the reason. I thought it had to do with Skype or any other app active on the PC while browsing, or even worse, a keylogger being installed., So I did multiple AV and Malware scans, which always came back negative Just now today I think I found the reason. It was working fine all morning, until I opened the Lazada webpage. Most of the times the first keystroke would not be recognized, regardless if it is a letter - digit or just the backspace key. When clicking or highlight
  9. I guess you said that to the guy who declared victory on November 4?
  10. Who would have thought those pharmaceutical companies were lying through their teeth to get their stock prices up. Until 2 weeks ago nobody had a vaccine, and then within a week they all have a vaccine, and not only that, but each one beats the other in efficacy of their vaccine. Maybe soon we will have one that is 105% effective
  11. But the project that got the EPA approval looked a bit different, isn't it?
  12. Especially when they come look in the evening. Sounds as if you are one of those landlords you describe in the OP
  13. Since you seem to know it all better, then maybe you can explain how this happened? And maybe at the same time you can point us where in the OP was made mention of DHL and UPS or any other international courier
  14. Change of mind here. Found these and think they are better for my solution, which is to just have some ambient light within the perimeter, and they are cheap as well. They are also the right size at 22cm wide. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/76120-cob-solarip65270-courtyard-i1737260286-s4994018142.html They exist in 2 versions, with 76 LED and 120 LED, where the former has only one 1200mAh battery and the latter 2 of the same batteries. Since I decide on the 76 LED, and it is the same housing for both versions, I assume I can add a second batte
  15. I always thought it was a joke when someone posted Boris could ask his girlfriend for advice. Was surprised to read today in the international press, that she is indeed making the rules in Downing Street. Boris should take up a job as stand up comedian.
  16. Susco

    is it only me

    The reason is not to get some flavour, but rather hide some
  17. I don't thing that applies to Thai hospitals. Recently I was in need of seeing a urologist, so I called the nearby government hospital to inquire, and was told they had one Monday to Friday from 9am to midday. So on Monday I went and was told I needed an appointment, and was told the next available was 7 weeks in the future. When I objected that this was ridiculous, I was given one for next Friday. I was there at 8.30am, a doctor who supposed to work from 9am till midday, arrived at 10am and left at 11.30am Waiting room was empty by t
  18. Some people on this forum really should start making appointments..........with a psych.
  19. With not ageing I actually meant that whisky will not get better once it is in the bottle, in contrary with a wine. Here is a good read up on old bottle effect, and why it is different between wine and spirits. https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/ask-the-professor/16942/does-whisky-change-in-an-unopened-bottle/ https://lovingwhiskey.com/can-whiskey-age-in-the-bottle/ Why does whiskey not age in the bottle? To understand why whiskey does not age anymore once it has entered the bottle, it is important to understand what happens when a whiskey is aged. T
  20. The second link (the higher priced one) gets very good ratings for his products on Lazada TH and SG. From the pictures they look the same product, but do you think they are the same? A 30% saving on the same light is quite a lot. Is it possible, with the spec I quoted in the OP, to calculate how long they would work if battery fully loaded? It is not important to me that they stay on from dusk till dawn, the only thing I worry about is that if the battery depletes completely every night, it will be short lived
  21. The lights have 3 settings, one where the motion sensor is completely disabled, and the light stays in medium light mode from dusk till dawn. Another setting where the light is in dim mode, and lightens up when movement, but since I have a closed perimeter, there will be no movement unless a burglar visits
  22. I got bitten by the solar light microbe, probably because there are a few threads lately, and it is easy lightning. My application would be for inside the perimeter. Considering these because they are 30 cm wide, as I think those 13 cm lights will look just silly. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/118ledpirip65-i1573596575-s4247780769.html Of course the same light is available at different prices, so my first question is, will they be the same thing or not? https://www.lazada.co.th/products/auoyo-led-motion-sensor-ip65-118
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