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  1. For your info. Last week I passed the big volvo truck garage along the frontage road of highway 7 somewhere between laem chabang and Pattaya. I think it's owned by italthai. Now it happened that they had cut open the road to lay new drainage, and you could clearly see a big drainage pipe coming from under the garage's parking lot, leaking some pure black fluid. I doubt that was the drain from the washing machines. Probably there are no bushes in the near vicinity.
  2. If you could be bothered you could try the links in the OP to get a figure of total expats, and it probably has declined since as I see every day posts here from people who can no longer afford to stay in Thailand, and there are plenty of sources available about the tourist arrivals each year. Google is your friend. Of course you gonna claim that all those statistics are fake, but never mind . If you then can manage how to use a calculator you will definitely find out that 200.000 is 0.5% of 40 million. Then start reading posts on this forum about members that can no longer afford to have 400 / 800K in the bank for their visa extensions, and you gonna have an idea about how much they spend. It is no rocket science to know that a tourist easily spend 3 - 5000 Baht a day including hotel and other travel costs, otherwise they are called bag packers. But of course you also gonna deny that. Then if you know that the average retirement pension in the UK, or most other European countries, is about 40K Baht per month, then you can calculate by yourself how much they can spend.
  3. The total expat community in Thailand is about 0.5% of the annual tourist arrivals. The average retiree spends in a month les than half of what any tourist will spend in 1 week. Going from the posts of the skint people on this forum even less. Sure they gonna miss you all.............like a toothache.
  4. I see 5 quotes that quote 3 different locations So you have yourself now promoted to head of the Thaivisa armchair detctives, since you consider your quote to be the correct one? I remember a post from member Yinn, substantiated with screenshots of articles from the Thai press, which said Aunties roof. Where is your evidence?
  5. Could the Thaivisa armchair detectives at least agree on where the gold was found please?
  6. Everyone knows by now that it's so much better in Cambodia and Vietnam......couldn't miss that since the same posters are posting that on the Thai forum for more than 6 months now........while the Cambodia and Vietnam forum remain without posts. Sure I must be missing something
  7. Could you please share some picture of those multi million baht vehicles on his driveway, because the car posted to his 2 years ago doesn't look like what you're talking about
  8. Please allow me to correct that for you they'll only restock what they sell so if the skint westerners disappeared then the westerner products _________ (fill in the blank!)
  9. It's pretty simple, if you run a business catering to tourists you speak a language they understand, not the other way around.
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