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  1. Barry was talking about the IPTV service he uses, and for which I inquired, not True visions. That said, I can understand his comment about the previous member he referred to being abusive, as i notice from his posts in this thread that that guy suffers from a serious mental condition.
  2. Strange that someone who would not want one for free walked into the sales room twice when they weren't even in promotion. From the response of the staff it looks as if they know you
  3. The first line in this post sums everything up nicely. Buyer beware. There is no case for compensation here. So you want to claim that you would get compensated if the same happened in your home country?
  4. The service doesn't have a name. It's provided via an individual who, as I wrote, sets the box up. I had to do nothing except plug it in and turn it on. Hi Barry, are you sure they have the HBO channels and it is a credible service? If positive could you please PM me the contact details also?
  5. I will do as soon as you show some proof of the entire imaginary crowd wearing the made in China hats
  6. Since when do the wealthy in the US pay tax? Didn't your "hero" awarded some huge tax cuts on the already minimal tax they already paid? So obviously the money comes from Joe sixpack
  7. Looks like the pensioners who's only resort these days is soi Herpes 6 are getting jealous again.
  8. You think the folks at the US embassy are talking out of their rectum? https://th.usembassy.gov/statement-on-the-dissolution-of-the-future-forward-party-in-thailand/?fbclid=IwAR2JxMTZibPeDbuv-gidCyCcz4kv3IxMFqZqznrWPev_HhziIM5Sboch8x4 The United States strongly supports democratic governance around the world, and appreciates Thailand’s recent seating of a democratically elected government. While the United States does not favor or support any particular political party in Thailand, more than six million voters chose the Future Forward Party in the March 24 elections
  9. Don't worry, they will have it when Samsung and other Android phones are on 7G
  10. You do know the difference between 5G broadband and 5 Ghz wifi ? And no, you must have been one of the very last that had their router upgraded to 5 Ghz wifi, others had that years ago.
  11. I still wonder if the guy you are replying to is a troll or someone who enjoys baiting everyone on this forum. because 90% of his posts don't make sense at all.
  12. I take it that, however you're a hardcore Trump fanatic, you've not subscribed to his twitter account.
  13. Not sure if it has been posted before, but I found this an interesting read. https://th.usembassy.gov/statement-on-the-dissolution-of-the-future-forward-party-in-thailand/?fbclid=IwAR2JxMTZibPeDbuv-gidCyCcz4kv3IxMFqZqznrWPev_HhziIM5Sboch8x4
  14. What a stupid baiting question. How many countries do you know where the health minister has medical qualifications?
  15. Even stranger when you know that a few policemen in Kalasin received bail AFTER being sentenced to death.
  16. Of course everyone can cherry pick. Did all captiva's drop with 27%, seems not. https://www.one2car.com/en/cars-for-sale/chevrolet/captiva
  17. So you think the resale value drops by 50% because probably 0.01% of all captiva's in Thailand were sold at this publicity stunt?
  18. Of course they are out of stock. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt with very limited stock left. Do you really think GM is that desperate?
  19. You mean they took 250 Baht from the 500 Baht you had left in the account for more than 1 year without activity?
  20. https://en.chevrolet.co.th/cars/colorado/model-overview.html 2.5L DURAMAX TURBO DIESEL ENGINE At the heart of Colorado revs a 2.5L Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) Duramax engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duramax_V8_engine The Duramax V8 engine is a General Motors Diesel V8 engine family for trucks. The 6.6-liter Duramax is produced by DMAX, a joint venture between GM and Isuzu in Moraine, Ohio.
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