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  1. Hello, Update. I go back in Thailand in december. Vietnam go CNX is ok. Airport in Vietnam call Airport CNX with me picture passport. Airport tell is ok i can come back. But, in immigration in CNX, him want know why i stay long time in Thailand. I tell i have girlfriend. Immigration call me girlfriend and talk 5 min. About everythink. Immigration write in me passeport " next time need visa ". Now i go application ED VISA in another country with same passport ( because i think in database ).
  2. Hello, I have applied for a non-immigrant visa for an ED Visa.I am going to Phnom Penh to give my visa documents. I picked up my passport with the mention "DENIED- applicant has entered thailand frequently and for a long durations using tourist visas". My question is: can I go back to Thailand on a tourist visa? i'have EU passeport . Does anyone have any feedback? Is there an alternative way to get my visa validated? I heard that in Bali, they will accept. Thank you.
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