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  1. Not only he can apply for a 60 days extension for visiting his Thai wife, but he should also be able to apply for a non-O without leaving Thailand, according to many posts here. YOU HAVE 6 business days to visit your IO and fix your situation!!
  2. Yes, they actually offered that one first, but told them the funds are not ready yet and we'll come back in 2 months. Normal procedure on most pre-covid posts, people normally use the 60 days first to season the funds on a fresh non O, so I already knew it wouldn't be an issue. The possible problem to arise right now is that some io's are refusing extending from amnesty, so the safest route from what I read is to get a short extension first. Congrats! That makes it for 2 successful stories. I might have you to thank for everything going so smoothly : )
  3. I was playing it safe and still need another month of seasoning anyways. Also lazy to prepare the pictures and bank statement and time is running out so rather do that in November.
  4. Just back from Nonthaburi Immigration Office after successfully extending my permit to stay for 60 days until November 25 (all extensions activate after amnesty ends on September 26) Was really expecting to have a bad experience and getting sent back home after reading all of the horror stories, but it's actually been the best service and easiest experience I ever had in my 5 years in Thailand and dozens of visits to immigration(For tourist visas extensions). There's posters about the amnesty all over their walls so I don't know how some people claimed they got rejected over confusion about amnesty... About my situation: ME Non-O visa based on marriage expired since April. Last entry also expired in April. Been on amnesty ever since. Recently secured the 400k in the bank so it was finally time to stop being stressed about any future amnesties and securing my legal status. Original pre-covid plan was staying on ME forever cause we are a young couple and enjoy our travels every 90 days, but corona forced me into saving for the 1 year extension. Requirements: - WIFE (BRING YOUR WIFE)... and let her know what you need to do before it's your turn, they honestly just ignored me once they started talking to her and everything went on smoothly - TM-30 - TM-7 - Passport, TM-6 - Copies passport, visa, last entry, tm6, wife's ID, house book from our condo and proof of ownership, and sign them all - Recent Kor ror 22 (married outside of Thailand) which we got from Nonthaburi District Office in a few minutes last week. - Copies of THE ORIGINAL international marriage certificate used when registered for Kor ror 22 (sign them all) - 1,900 baht (No ATM on site so make sure to bring enough cash!) When it was finally our turn we just handed over our documents and a few minutes later I had a stamp on my passport finally taking me out of amnesty. Everyone was really polite and helpful, so for me this place is a lot better than CW. Don't know if I can tag users but @Peter Denis had a registry of only failures from Nonthaburi, so I can assume no one was reporting on their success cases.
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