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  1. Does the test include a F2F certificate as well for that price?
  2. Is the Fit2Fly doc still required or was that just for the repat flights at the begining?
  3. I've tried electric ones, not very good. If it's a job for scaffolding etc, i'd get a couple locals in to do it, buy the trimmer and let them get after it,.
  4. Electric ones have not enough power ( unless just trimming the leaves ). If you need to cut the branches you'll need a petrol one.
  5. depending on what year he came and EX rate at the time you're looking in excess of 200M ++. incredible!
  6. Well that's something to be proud of....well done. Then yes, in your case, all things considered it would be very easy.
  7. I thought it was very hard to obtain a non O in thailand and this is why people ( myself included ) made the annual trip to Savanakhet? What docs are required for doing non O ( based on marraige ) in country and how long does it take to process? Thanks.
  8. The hospital told me to book in advance. 3800 thb.
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