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  1. Interesting point RE retirement visa. I'm on a Re-entry permit based on marriage so should be ok. This is my 3rd CoE to date and i've not needed the local thai CV insurance yet but i know people that have ( perhaps retirments? ) Thanks for your input.
  2. changed on 29th April, 3 tests and not allowed out of the room and like you mention no room cleaning. Just when you thought it could get no worse.....it has!
  3. I have my own private medical insurance which covers Covid up to the amout required. I'm returning to Thailand again soon, is it compulsory to buy the local Thai insurance now as well? If so, entering on a re-entry permit how long should i sign up for, 90 days? Many thanks,. https://covid19.tgia.org
  4. This is a choice we all have, don't like it don't come. A negative RT-PCR test is redundant if you've been out in public. A negative RT-PCR test with a vaccination certificate i'd imagine will be the way forward. A valid and negative RT-PCR test i'd imagine will be a requirement to travel for a long time to come.
  5. and then the return to thailand and then the whole trip over again for 2nd dose....
  6. It's really not as simple as that. People have work / family / financial commitments and cannot return to their home country willy nilly, in most cases it would require two trips.
  7. Anyone with any recent experience departing Survanabhumi airport, is it still dead like 6 months ago or getting busier? Thx.
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