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  1. You need witness's for what, if the immigration people have come to visit surely that will suffice?
  2. Someone with more knowledge needs to answer this, i don't want to give you incorrect info.
  3. It's great having all these 'contacts' ( but almost everyone claims to know 'someone' ) however i've seen many 'contacts' abandon so called friends when push comes to shove... Proceed with caution.
  4. They'll inform you when the visit will be. I'd make a point to be there just to save potential ball aches.
  5. Exactly my point, nothing gets checked by a high ranking official, only signed, back to my original comment, what's the point...
  6. Noted. I've got my visit sometime this week and 2000 baht was mentioned whilst at the immigration office last week, i'll see what they say when they rock up. Thx
  7. Krabi. Lots of one day trips to islands, won't be bored. Water spotless clean, hotels cheap, nice and quiet. Markets etc in Krabi town, business as usual there.
  8. I don't understand why they won't accept a printed online statement, are they worried about forgeries?
  9. When i had the seat issue ( mould ) with my FT ( wife's bike now ) i complained to italy and got a replacement seat sent, same thing happened with that so got it recovered at the local Somchai shop for 200baht, been perfect ever since.
  10. It's funny you mention the indicators, i had the front left fatique and snap on the stem about 2 weeks ago, next day the opposite one and about a week later one of the back ones. It was due 25K service so obviously mentioned it to them, he said normally they go after about 2 years ( bike is 2015 ) and was surprised they lasted so long! Was dreading the price of replacements but just over 1K each, still waiting for them tho! currently patched up with tooth picks and insulation tape as a splint.
  11. The problem with a lot of Thai's is that they don't care about who's tabien baan they are on or update documents etc when they move. Cars registered to other people or at old address's is one example of this. Not easy to be found if this is the case, good luck.
  12. 5000 baht of the 12,000 was visa fee. Agent went to BKK to submit and collect passport which would have cost me more that 7000 baht anyway. That and agent also removed all hassle and bureaucracy for me, simple - job done. Are you asking coz you'd like his contact details or just surprised at the cost?
  13. I used an agent to renew 2nd passport, 12K, no visits to BKK required, took about 5 weeks.
  14. I had parma ham and cheese starter / steak main x 2 / crème brulee (sp) and a panacotta / 1 Leo and 1 coke and it was 990thb. Good value, steaks were both excellent.
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