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  1. Correct, no one wants to but should you wish to return to Thailand as it stands there's no other option. Stupid for tourists to come i agree but for long term expats with families at the current time there's no other choice.
  2. Define significant amount of tourists. After the last year i'm sure any that turn up will be appreciated, reality or not?
  3. Well with a system like that they'll continue to get more cases here won't they?
  4. The numbers here are tiny, nothing to worry about IMO. Are you suggesting Thai's don't test for free?
  5. The private hospitals will buy their own and vaccinate anyone willing to pay their premium price i would imagine.
  6. Sure, pls let me know when suits you, begining of Feb some time, there should be a few more homeless by then to count.
  7. Pretty good chance you're not gonna be travelling much when documentation confirming vaccination will be required, why would n't it become a standard requirement?
  8. As mentioned i said i see a handful you merely quote hundreds but are yet to confirm where so it's probably just made up Olmate.
  9. There's hundreds of homeless living on the beach, pls advise time and location i can witness this pls, i walk early in the mornings and see but a handful, maybe i'm at the wrong spot?
  10. A piece of land won't put food on the table, this land will 'command' a much lower price right now one would think.
  11. It's always been like this, it's the only way they catch people is coz of grasses, not due to investigations.
  12. this is good news, i have to make a trip to BKK next week, this will kill an hour ( well, 5 minutes - lol ).
  13. There's a certain member who won't believe these numbers coz he knows all about the pending ( even before CV-19 ) downfall of Pattaya, i'm sure he'll be along soon....lol
  14. small price to pay IMO considering you're looking out for your own health and more importantly, that of others.
  15. I don't need to show anything when i insure each year, send an e-mail, get a quote then bank payment and docs rock up about 10-14 days later - job done.
  16. yeah, only about a 4-5 hour round trip ( depending where in each province ) I think there's a place near the clock round about downtown, next to a pet shop, i know it's sells stationary, might have what you need?
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