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  1. If there truly is as many people who are going to be “turning up at immigration on 31st” then surely not everybody will get seen to, everybody wants to maximise their amnesty days remaining and won’t go on let’s say 29th 30th to be sure. As they will surely be turned away saying “no need to come here until after July 31” not everybody is going to get their visa sorted and we will all be on overstay. we’ve all seen how slow they work in the immigration office. Especially when it’s nearly lunch time.
  2. Latest update from my employer is that the visa system is closed for applications until 31 July, he has a board of investment company and there is almost no backdoors / loopholes with visas for these. seems I have no other option but to hope come August 1nthe amnesty has been extended AND can apply for WP letter
  3. I am facing the same problem I’m currently on a tourist visa and need to get non b outside of Thailand ( I’ve already asked immigration and my employer and they said defo can not get it done inside Thailand in my case) inneed to get my work permit acceptance letter first before I can even plan on leaving for the non b but the problem I also face is the place that issues those letters is not giving them out still.
  4. Quite a lot of fire hoops to jump through as usual I see... any idea when they will scrap this 14 day quarantine ? Surely they will do it from the people entering Thailand from the least affected countries first rather than just scrapping it for everyone atleast Unless they view it as whatever nationality your passport says even tho you’ve been living here for years.
  5. They will want money this time if they do.. I’d be very surprised if it’s another FREE three month extension.. it must of killed them that they couldn’t charge all the farangs to extend at 1900 a pop for tourist extensions. do they wanna cling on to whatever remaining tourism they have left ? And keep people here up until they open the doors to everyone or put the final nail in the coffin for foreigners here.. We shall see. are we expecting an announcement Mid July or are they gonna do it on let’s say the 29th giving us no time at all to make plans. Let’s see.
  6. Yeah, I am in need of the WP3 acceptance letter if you could advise the agency that helped with it that would be great and how much it cost u? and then I would have to get the non b but that requires me getting a non b from an embassy outside Thailand. I’m in Bangkok now so it’s not ideal or cost effective to leave and then pay to quarantine.. really in a bad spot right now and no idea when the announcement for amnesty will be or how long quarentine will last.
  7. When they did this in March to get my COVID extension they had a sign saying tourist extensions need to go to the new office ... they still ended up serving me at counter J at the CW office and didn’t even mention anything about me needing to go the temp office. Take it as its not mandatory to go to the temp place judging by my past experience. need an announcement on the amnesty soon
  8. I am also experiencing the same problem my employer has a BOI company and he said can’t get me the WP3 acceptance letter. I’m in Bangkok already on a tourist visa for now. richard burrows said I can get the non b inside Thailand and that “ his school concerts tourist to non b visas all the time” but clearly this isn’t the case for none schools / BOI / Foreign companies set up here looking to hire foreigners. cant even fly out to get the non b because I’d be forced to do the 14 days quarantine. litterslly don’t know what to do I feel like I can only hope they extend the amnesty AND then start issuing WP3 letters AND then scrap the 14 day quarantine for all this to fall into place for my job. wishful thinking for all that to happen it’s such a stressful situation as flying back home to coronaland (UK) just seems like the last place you’d want to be in right now.. OP... if you do hear any news please do let me know I would appreciate it!
  9. crossing an invisible line at the border just to be able to turn around and get a stamp in your passport to stay longer... complete nonsense
  10. Don’t suppose anyone knows any companies / individuals who are looking to hire native English speakers ? Whether it being office work or something completely different... understood it’s a small market for foreigners here... teaching isn’t an option tho. Had a job lined up here was working for 6 weeks but due to corona it’s all gone south, tried all the usually places like jobs db and no luck they all want thais nationals which is understood.. never thought about asking on here until now. 25, English living in Bangkok ( near icon Siam, BTS Krung thonburi area) any help would be appreciated.
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