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  1. You're all set then. Have you submitted the ASQ room booking info?
  2. The announcement has been removed. It appears to be a false alert. From what I've seen so far, generally speaking, most ASQ hotels do allow married couples to stay in the same room. What differs is the policy regarding the child allowance. At least one hotel seems to be allowing the whole family to stay in a single room, while the others (normally the case) will only let a family of 3 to stay in a 2-room suite or will offer to book two separate rooms.
  3. Every hotel has been charging extra for a spouse in the same room. This new rule if confirmed, won't allow a married couple to stay in a single room regardless of extra charges. The only option would be the 2-room suites or separate single rooms.
  4. I'd assume they will probably tell you to re-book for a 2-room suite if available or add a separate room to your existing booking at an additional charge.
  5. That's not just some hotels - the new rule applies across the board.
  6. Just the heads up. For those who've previously booked a single shared ASQ room. You might need to contact your hotel ASAP! https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Advertising-Marketing/Alternative-State-Quarantine-105755234490444/
  7. correction: on any other day it operates as a regular Korean Air flight in accordance with the current Korea entry policy. It might carry passengers or just cargo, but certainly doesn't fly anyone that has been allowed to enter into Thailand.
  8. I'm saying that the embassy has contracted Korean Air to operate their "regular" LAX - ICN and ICN - BKK as repatriation flights on the certain dates of this month. KE18 LAX - ICN flies as a repatriation flight on Aug 08, Aug 19, Aug 27, Aug 31. It only flies cargo in on any other day. You can buy seats on those flights after the embassy/consulate approves your application and only through a designated travel agency.
  9. 1. Submission of application for the COE After you receive a go ahead from the embassy/consulate: 2. Flight (only ones approved by the embassy allowed) 3. ASQ hotel for the date of arrival
  10. "First, I notice that there ARE flights now on Qatar and JAL. I book business (in case it matters) with points (so it’s refundable)." Flight booking is the last part of the process as it stands for now. The flights you see on the booking websites are not flying passengers in - only cargo. You could book those flights for months and every single one of them got cancelled with the exception of repatriation flights that were arranged by the Thai embassy, just one month in advance. e.g. this month you can only book repatriation flights for August. The September repat flights schedule is still unknown and has not been published. The repat flights can only be purchased at the contracted by the embassy travel agencies or at special links for specific flights established by the contracted airlines.
  11. The embassies and airlines decide in advance which flights they will assign a status of the repatriation flight. Don't even look at any airline booking websites (the available flights are all bogus and will be cancelled) unless directed to do so by the embassy that will tell you which specific flight has been assigned to carry passengers into Thailand. The multiple flights you currently see landing in Bangkok do not carry passengers, just cargo. Airlines would be happy to sell you tickets on any flight that appears on their schedule but they will not carry passengers on those flights, those flights will be cancelled and you get stuck with the airline's credit or often a lengthy refund process.
  12. And if the flight/room are booked outside of the designated ASQ booking channels, you'll be stuck with cancelled invalid bookings and potential penalties and/or very lengthy refund process. And then will have to start it all over again.
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