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  1. We and many Thais don't want them. 7 days is over kill lol.
  2. Prayut and Prawit should permanently dissolved in barrels for what they done to the country. Future Forward should be given honors of service to Thai nationals.
  3. Unfortunate and terrible. But there is no safety there. Never leave large sums in the residence unless you have a hidden compartment. Most Thai police are laughable
  4. Wrong headline Impact of government incompetence leaves Thailand on its knees.
  5. You have a option at time of marriage. My ex kept her name
  6. It just keeps getting worse. Maybe they need to read the hookers on dating sites. NO Indians NO Arabs and now obviously NO Chinese lol.
  7. There building back yard nucs. Somchai and Wonlop overseeing the mission.
  8. Hundreds infected my understanding that many cases not listed. China still coming lol
  9. Rubbish they love it. They need to sell there product somewhere
  10. Absolutely correct. They are not a private company. There employer is the country. There super corrupt and need to be seriously accessed
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