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  1. Australia are in the end stages of a successful trial vaccine as announced on TV. They say 3 4 months away.
  2. They have no idea how to restore a once thriving economy and continue to avoid farang at all costs. It is a failed government that not only made no attempt to restore and welcome future farangs back. They also promoted hatred against the very people that fed the country for decades. You honestly deserve what's coming.
  3. As l said don't play with this family. Everybody is reachable at a price. No exceptions to pensioners
  4. There will be a movie made..Thailand how they destroyed a economy and country under a mask of a little virus
  5. Most of these people are ex taxi mafia apprentices failed. They are simply taking advantage of the situation. Fire these people and employ fresh faces. Arrest them for causing a public disturbance. Giving the country a bad name. Back to mafia rank.
  6. In regards to the Chinese. Hire them full Ebola suits with breathing apparatus with a back to base alarm in case they attempt removal.
  7. This A for arrogant will find a way to destroy any plan. Best let Baukaw Banchamek devise the plan. Similar brain set anyway.
  8. All I want to ask is will it be as effective as your rip off quarantine scam. Also are you following the same roadmap as you used to destroy a economy and lives in one great blast.
  9. Yes his control is crumbling rapidly. And his ministers left him. A broken down government
  10. Pressure mounting rights authority and he must counter it. By delaying any future democracy and no charter rewrite will be delayed like police reforms. Indefinitely
  11. Correct they are the teachers of criminality who feel left out. LOL
  12. Prayut will use it to make a paper aeroplane and practice landings in the office
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