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  1. I guess it depends on what brings you here, and what your window of opportunity is. For some people it's urgent (family, etc); for someone like me it's just what I wanted to do, and I accepted this price in order to be able to do it now instead of later. Also I'm pretty skeptical of the "vaccine passport" idea -- I am absolutely pro-vaxx and will get any non-Chinese jab as soon as I'm allowed, but until the local population is vaccinated I don't think it really makes sense to let in vaccinated outsiders without quarantine. Or at least: according to the logic that has so far held s
  2. Greetings from post-Quarantine! My last days at the Pullman G were about the same as the other days -- variety may be the spice of life, but Heinz chili sauce is the spice of Quarantine! Well to be fair there were a lot of different spices on offer, in addition to the ubiquitious Heinz chili sauce, which is actually pretty good on fries. And it's not like nothing ever changed: by my last day there were seven of us in Pool Area Relaxation Hour, including the first woman and the first smoker (one person, not two). On the last full day the kitchen sent me a cu
  3. Update for posterity: there were four beers in the minibar and the hotel would have let me order more (of presumably whatever) to the room had I wanted. All other sales were prohibited. I didn't try any bars/restaurants because I stayed in to watch the fights from Singapore anyway.
  4. Thank you all for the tips. Unless I stumble upon some entrepreneurial activity, I think I'm gonna just tough it out. More brain cells left to kill on Saturday that way!
  5. Hello! I will be released from quarantine straight into Maka Bucha this Friday. And yet bars are hopefully opening this week. Question for Bangkokians: how long should I expect the holiday booze ban to last, and how seriously is it likely to be enforced? Can I ask for a special mojito coffee mug if I find a tourist bar open? Should I just give up? I'm flying solo and staying at Asoke. Not looking to party, just chill with a drink or two in the afternoon or evening and watch life unfold after sixteen days of lockup. I can wait until Saturday if need be, but
  6. Hello again from Quarantine! Just a quick update for any folks thinking about running the Quarantine Gauntlet in order to enter the Kingdom. FEEDING The food is very good here, which I expected based on prior reviews. And, also per expectations, there is consistently a lot of it. Pre-ordering everything before check-in was not ideal, and if I could do it over I would ask how far in advance I have to order -- I'm sure they would accommodate you at check-in. The fun "I don't remember what I ordered" factor wore off really fast, and it would defini
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