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  1. They remind me of Momentum in the UK. Their carer needs to take the spade away so they stop digging.
  2. The BBC... Brexit Bashing Continuum... "facts", hmmm....
  3. for a moment there, it looked like you wrote "gay parade trans"... i'll read more slowly next time...
  4. What do you actually base that on, because it can't be facts. How would any of the larger economies of the world in "a few years" have "hardly anything to trade with", how does that work? How is a country with a population of over 60m, and one of the largest economies in the world in any sense "tiny"? Surely a tiny country is one like Nauru, San Marino, Grenada, or the Comoros? Do you think that when you use words like "boggles" "stupid" and "idiot" and "bloody" that your line about "emotion" starts to look a little misplaced?
  5. There is no falling away of British competition - it's the one thing the EU fears most, is a dynamic and agile Britain competing with them. Hence all the attempts to try and get Britain to acquiesce to EU rules by playing with words like "level playing field" and "retaining special access", they're frit.
  6. It's got a lot to do with it, and it's no big secret. It's not /all/ about immigration, but immigration affects economic, especially when it's pushed for left-wing ideological reasons, and not for credible economic reasons... unprecedentedly high... and unplanned for.
  7. There are no Brexit failures, we only just left. That's not a meaningful comment. Not forgotten, it can still be spent, whilst cutting away all the waste and <deleted> to reduce the cost. The Mirror is even worse than the Guardian, it's a comic, but at least they can spell. You won't find many facts in such badly-edited rags as those, reading them is ideal if you want to remain ignorant. EU products might be, it depends whether the producers find ways of reducing their production costs. I don't think anyone "needs" wine and sportscars, the UK produces plenty and many things are available from outside the EU at competitive prices and quality. Similarly, not all UK products are needed or can be substituted. Individual countries in the EU will have no advantage in substituting imports over the UK substituting imports; over time the UK will be able to substitute with more agility than them. Nobody will be clamouring to rejoin when the Italian banking crisis starts. You know when you sterilise your kitchen worktops with dettol before preparing meat and veg, do you know what's in it? Have a guess... Are you suggesting that Germany will stop exporting cars to the UK, see it's factories mothballed, and staff laid off to play some kind of banal long game? What point is it that you're trying to make? The entire history of the EU is one of terribly low growth and high youth unemployment. This is particularly a problem in the mediterranean countries including France.
  8. No, fewer than 47% of UK exports go to the 10 largest economies of the EU (the WEU7 comprise over 80% of EU trade). Get some up-to-date figures and observe the decline in UK exports to EU countries. The EU doesn't have an economy, because it's not a country. Inidivual countries in the EU, Germany in particular will be worse affected than the UK by a significant amount.
  9. The historically unprecedented mass immigration promulgated under New Labour resulted in the acceleration of land prices, and the evaporation of low-skilled jobs. This pincer movement undermined the position of young people embarking on their careers. Immigration caused the cost-of-living crisis. Voting for more immigration is undermining your own chances to find work and own your own home.
  10. I'm a gross underachiever... every time I've stuck my head above the parapet to try and get ahead, I've been shot down, by my a tiny noisy slimy minority, seething with professional jealousy. They did great harm, to more people than they realised, and they were allowed to get away with it, facilitated even. Should have achieved far more by now, but the attacks never stop. I have to hide any success now, the cost of getting where I am was way too high, but the alternative paths were way worse. The few successes I have managed to smuggle past my enemies, have helped me help myself when needed. Very tired of it all now. Don't really have much motivation or energy left, but I can at least distract myself and others from the futile monotony of existence with vile immature jokes. Glad to be out of the UK at last, and as long as I can get to the end of what I'm writing, I am not really bothered about anything else. "desire creates suffering", Buddha said.
  11. No, when the video says Leavers wanted to stay inside the single market, the video is lying. Is it clear?
  12. On another thread, use your evident computer operating capability to find them, I'm not for hire.
  13. You sound a bit paranoid, tbh. If you want to make a show of your identity in public, it shouldn't be a surprise if it's referred to sometimes, but that's not what was happening here. My kids are the same as you, and wouldn't encourage them to make a big show of it.
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