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  1. Mad as a cut snake and only 14. OMG what is she going to be like in a couple of years. I would get on that M/C and just keep going.
  2. Alcohol has nothing to do with it. everything depends on the actual Amulet which you are wearing. Go to Isaan and ask any Thai.
  3. I would advise to leave the handbrake off. Battery optional but i always disconnect mine as you can never be sure that you will be back in a few weeks, i went to oz for 1 month, developed a medical problem and was away for 4 months.
  4. From what i understand, i will only need a re-entry visa if i leave the country during the 2nd term. Ask Joe, he is the expert.
  5. I did one last year, but have just returned from OZ with a new O-A visa good for another 2 years.
  6. Thanks Joe, but it really was'nt a disadvantage returning to my own country as i had an operation for kidney cancer on the national health. Why not i paid in all my working life, and it was perfectly legal.
  7. I have got an O-A retirement visa obtained in my own country (Canberra). Wishing to get stamped in for a further 12 months, how long before it expires will i have to leave and re enter the country.
  8. Well at least he knows where her priorities stand and should think again if he has got any brains at all.
  9. There are no illegals living here. BJ cleared them all out weeks ago. Pay attention.
  10. Who is quite likely to find a deputy who knows how to collect watches.
  11. Southern Cambodia for sure, so much like Thailand i am told.
  12. Yep for sure. he has already beaten one candidate.
  13. Look again, Siem Reap beaches are not the best !
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