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  1. From what i am understanding, the Thai's are not testing for Covid. My partner in Thailand has presented to both Khukan hospital and Sisaket hospital with symptoms that here in Australia would demand an immediate Covid test. She was sent way both times with "tablets" told to rest ? If this is happening all over Thailand , its little wonder that they have no Covid.
  2. No one seems to know or even want to know, but the French woman is in fact Thai with a French husband. Thus she has dual nationality.
  3. The French woman is also a Thai national, who even after feeling unwell on Samui , went shopping at Big C and 7 eleven. How irresponsible is that.
  4. Dont talk about it, sue the <deleted>. If he is prepared to post about an innocent person in this way, he gets what he deserves.
  5. Parcel could have been intercepted at the post office, sent on and watched by police.
  6. Who would trust any Koh Samui judge after their true colours were exposed with the Koh Tao case.
  7. Rubbish . Thaksin was the greatest all time PM . Doing so much for his people, why do you think they love him. This was why the "born to rule" types demanded the army upper echelon be on their side and get rid of this "dangerous PM" who had the gall to consider his people, the poor of Thailand.
  8. I do ! everybody had jobs, tourists were welcomed, whatever group they came from, the country was prosperous and the poor people had things done for them which no PM had ever even considered before. Truely a great man !
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