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  1. Something which annoys me is the fact that we never see the names of the bosses or companies when these accidents happen. We never see the conditions under which these drivers are forced to comply. e.g BOSS..... to Driver You have got 20 hours to do this trip, dont be late back or else. Back in under 20 hours you will get a bonus. I once knew a driver who was driving Kanchanaburi to Sanklaburi he was a steady driver but late back 4 times and was sacked, his replacement drove the route for 5 months then had an accident.
  2. Its good that he said 'written' as if he had said 'programmed' i would'nt have known what he meant. You see, i am computer illiterate.
  3. These poor victims are really victims of Thai Immigration and their antiquated system. Why don't they employ someone from overseas if they are not capable of updating their immigration system. Why do workers have to do that long physical journey in this modern age. Wake up Thai Immigration.
  4. So will the families of these killed be compensated by the bus company or will the bus company claim it to be the fault of the driver therefore his responsibility. Strange hings happen in Thailand.
  5. And Thai Immigration would'nt have a clue what you are on about or how to adopt it. "Why should we change for farang" Like the arrogant Immigration general at a recent meeting with farangs who said Quote TM30 is simple, they only doing it for our safety. So did'nt they care about our safety since 1978 when this TM30 was first introduced but ignored till now. Makes me wonder how such a man became a general in immigration.
  6. Never checked the brakes on the old bullock cart, so why should i starting getting 'picky' now just because i live in the city. You farang have strange ideas, always think of something better.
  7. Small country ? where do you live, it takes me 2 days to drive from Koh Samui to Sisaket near the Cambodian border.
  8. Having done so many moons ago, you could not drag me into a long distance bus or van now.
  9. Speed limit these vans to start with, recently on a trip to Sisaket i was sitting on 100 klm and vans wizzing past fully loaded.
  10. If the UK can do health cover for non British 200 GBP ( Bht 7,500 approx) why cannot Thailand.
  11. It was published somewhere but i cannot find it, however they managed to get all the figures wrong !
  12. An excellent idea, but probably not lucrative enough for certain persons in government. That is about BHT7500 and i should think quite affordable
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