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  1. 4 packs a day by your mate ! Never heard of passive smoking then. It has been said to be worse than the real thing. Thats why it is illegal to be smoking in a car with kids in it in oz !
  2. My O-A extension did not require the insurance
  3. I previously applied for and received an O-A visa shortly before the borders closed i returned to my country for some medical treatment, however i was only 5 months into my visa but now stranded outside of Thailand. Question is, why dont the Thai govt credit me with the 7 months which i paid for , when the borders open, but cannot at the present time use.
  4. Sad mate, but this is the selfish injustice of the Thai legal system. It happens again and again and about time that Thailand was more honest with persons like you who were robbed.
  5. As it stands the road death will remain constant, however if this diecease gets away and breeds up big time millions couild die.
  6. Obviously Farang pretending to be Thai. No Thai would do that.
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