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  1. They will always find a way to blame the foreigner for whatever happens here. I'm sure as I type this there is some kind of underground committee going on behind closed doors that is working day and night to try to find a way to pin the spread of Coronavirus on foreign tourists.. Oh wait, can't blame them now cos they have all vanished.. Not too worry, they still have the Indians.
  2. Would love to be a fly on the wall at one of your Thai shin digs to hear all the sly digs they give the drunk farang in the corner
  3. spot on mate. thats exactly what i see all the time. trying to have a decent conversation with anyone in a bar these days is like pulling teeth.
  4. sounds like you will end up as a dive instructor soon enough . Don't overstay your visa now or the BMW smart cars will be right up yer backside!
  5. nothing is for certain here. the powers the be could change their mind regarding the foreigner at any time. I would not put it past them to start shipping us all out soon. they seem to be looking increasingly inward which in turn can only mean bad things for the minorities that live here.
  6. I kind of agree with you. however i find that after a while it gets boring. as does sitting in the bar all day.
  7. do you ever feel like you are wasting your life here in Thailand? ever feel like the clock is running out 1 minute at a time, and all you have got planned in your diary is another night on the bar stool? You see the same old faces, day in day out. Same old decrepit, toothless beer-bellied washouts at your local, sipping their way into an early coffin whilst eyeing up their equally washed up female counterparts dotted along the soi.. spouting the same old mindless spiel about god knows who and god knows what. then all of a sudden, to lighten up the day, some tanned middle aged bloke covered in forearm tattoos walks past your patch at the bar, shirt torn from a fight 5 minutes previous with eyes glazed and a bust lip and proceeds to stumble into your favorite bar, then vomits at your feet before muttering something incoherent and laughing as if it's all just a big joke,,, What has your life become? where did it all go wrong? Have you achieved all you wish in this life, or have you severely underachieved?? tis the question on my lips today.
  8. Wonder if he washed his hands the other day when he was giving out those masks in Bangkok? The dirty beggar.
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