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  1. Morning all, now maybe its just me but I have noticed a really steep decline in the level of service in many bars & restaurants here in Thailand. no smiles, no hello how are you today, just pay and get the hell out as quick as you can. i have noticed this from big fancy places down to small family owned restaurants. it seems they cannot be bothered anymore and have forgotten how to make customers feel welcome. Just the other day i ordered a pizza and after 40 minutes of having me wait the waitress came over and said the chef had messed up the dough and would i like to order something else. When i said no just give me the bill her reaction was like it was ME who <deleted> up the pizza! Good service is essential to an establishments being a success or not. to be honest im sick of being treated with contempt everytime i go out for a meal or a drink. Think i will cook at home in future. has anyone else noticed this steady decline in the attitudes of waiters and waitresses in Thailand?
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