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  1. I am no brexiteer but I don't agree with a 2nd referendum on Scottish independence within the space of 5 years.. What happens when Sturgeon loses yet again? another one 6 months down the line?? It's a load of pish. The Scottish people voted and they voted to remain part of the UK. End of.
  2. Here they go again.... Didn't they just have one? Now she doesn't like the result and wants another? She's almost as bad as the brexit remainers. You don't always get what you want in a Democracy, Nicola!
  3. How would you like it if i got my garden shears out the shed and went to town on your bonce? leave the kids alone you tyrannical dinosaurs!
  4. Thailand hasn't moved forward since 2006. Since the military coup that ousted the only democratically elected government in recent memory, the country has been in a state of near constant stagnation. Sadly, I feel things will only get worse in my lifetime.
  5. So basically dont be rushing out buying glass bongs, chillums and pipes just yet?
  6. that's the thing isn't it? How does one be prepared when ones doesn't know exactly what they require on that particular day? I can be prepared to be sent away and come back though. I live pretty close to the office so not a big deal if they start being funny.
  7. Never had a home visit from IO's before. What to expect when they come? This is Nonthaburi office.
  8. that is also what I have heard down the years.. Granted I have yet to received my extension pending the home visit but so far no major problems
  9. Swensens girls are lovely. and thats the bottoms line, because liverpoolfan said so!!
  10. First visit to Nonthaburi office and I was very impressed with the efficiency and politeness of the staff. We were in and out within the hour. The only slight caveat is that a home visit is penciled in for next Monday morning. Never had one before but after what I have read from previous accounts it seems pretty routine. Keep up the fine work, Nonthaburi!
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