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  1. and now they want to charge future prospective tourists an extra 300 baht entrance fee on arrival.. Good job, Thailand. Sounds like a watertight plan to me
  2. Worst advice ever! I'm 5 beers in already and I'm feeling great.
  3. beer is for breakfast in my house, ice or not. on my 3rd glass already
  4. it worked wonders on my ring this mornin. After the vindaloo curry I had for tea last night
  5. Yip. That's what they tell me anyway. And sometimes they can't even get 30 hours worth of teachin in!
  6. Usually, an exceptionally cold winter means an exceptionally hot and humid summer. Be careful what your wish for!
  7. me neither mate. No matter where I eventually end up in the world it WONT be in the UK. I am done and dusted with that place.
  8. sod the heater mate. Grab an old metal bin, fill it full of wood and you are good to go! an oil drum would be better if you can get your hands on one.. great for a few drinks and a sing song
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