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  1. Worst advice ever! I'm 5 beers in already and I'm feeling great.
  2. beer is for breakfast in my house, ice or not. on my 3rd glass already
  3. it worked wonders on my ring this mornin. After the vindaloo curry I had for tea last night
  4. Yip. That's what they tell me anyway. And sometimes they can't even get 30 hours worth of teachin in!
  5. Usually, an exceptionally cold winter means an exceptionally hot and humid summer. Be careful what your wish for!
  6. me neither mate. No matter where I eventually end up in the world it WONT be in the UK. I am done and dusted with that place.
  7. sod the heater mate. Grab an old metal bin, fill it full of wood and you are good to go! an oil drum would be better if you can get your hands on one.. great for a few drinks and a sing song
  8. I would rather have freezing cold winters covered in ice and snow than miserable wet and wind with grey skies any day of the week! At least you lot know what you are getting. and can dress accordingly.
  9. I was shivering on the bike this morning. My fingers almost turned blue!
  10. I had a lay over in Toronto once. Landed in the middle of February. It was -36 outside. Still nicer than a UK winter mate
  11. wow. who knows? Maybe, one day we will have a white christmas. The way the climate is going at the minute anything could happen!
  12. Haven't had mine on since mid december. I will use the surplus money to buy more wine me thinks
  13. Neither would I mate. Winter in the UK is beyond grim. It's abysmal.
  14. Makes a welcome change from the humidity and sweltering heat, doesn't it?
  15. I'm not kidding now, just been to my local 7/11 on my bike and it is freezing. Jumper, jeans, hat and gloves tackle. It may say 18 degrees on the weather app but it feels more like 5/6. It's COLD!! wrap up warm whatever it is you are doing this morning.. I personally like the cold weather and hope it becomes more frequent in future. Do you like the current cold spell?
  16. Not sure if you have been living on the moon for the past 6 months but we have had protests and riots here too.. I also first thought Thailand was doing well in controlling the virus. Now I think its a matter of testing. They weren't testing anyone before so of course they wont find any cases lol. now they are testing and lo and behold guess what?? it took me a while to put 2 and 2 together but now ive got 4 mate
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