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  1. Thailand truly is Paradise Lost. so much potential squandered by greedy despots and an ignorant populace. it really is a shame.
  2. why aren't they knocking at my door daily then? I'm loaded and ready to fire in all directions!
  3. It's part of the reason I haven't had one yet... Sperm can be a very useful commodity at times
  4. Costa Rica sounds nice.. Always need a Plan B when living here, never know when they will boot you out.. As long as they give me enough time to visit the bank before I leave I couldn't give a monkeys tbh.
  5. Thailand is not the place it once was. anyone who thinks otherwise needs to ditch the rose glasses for a pair of reality lenses.
  6. I'm more than happy with my setup and I'm usually sat on the couch when using the Mac mini
  7. somehow I have acquired three 4K tv's over the past two and a half years so it was an ideal purchase for me.
  8. A Mac mini is just what it says. it's a small, compact Mac. All the power of an iMac 27 (at less than half the price) squeezed into a small box which Is ready to plug into any TV/Monitor of your choice
  9. I've just purchased a Mac Mini M1. Can plug into any TV/screen you wish. very fast and I am very happy with it!
  10. Or, conversely, the sign of an untrained 'teacher' prone to fits of rage with sadistic tendencies and delusions of grandeur. You can dress it up in whatever way you like to fit your own narrative.
  11. being in a Marriage with kids I mean. I'm seriously thinking about leaving my wife at some point. she hasn't done anything wrong but I feel as though my life here with her is wasting away. I want my freedom back. it's true what they say isn't it. You always want what you aint got.. Thai blokes run out on their girlfriends all the time, dont they? especially after he's knocked her up the spout. Why is it us soft farangs who always stay put? Right now I want a 20 year old thai student majoring in the English language that is both
  12. morning all, today's anecdote is about the time I bumped into a gentleman in a restaurant in downtown Hanoi. He was a middle aged man and I was a young sprog who just moved to asia. at that time I was a free agent and was still looking for a place to settle. He was dressed well and seemed like he knew the ropes so I decided to strike up a conversation. Turns out he was from Cornwall and had just moved to Vietnam after 33 years in Thailand. I pumped him for info all night and some of what he told me shocked me a little. I had just visited Thailand for
  13. one thing I do love about this country is the food.. It's truly great. Right now for me my favorite thai meal would be deep fried Larb Moo for starter & chicken masaman curry for the main. Washed down with an ice cold glass of beer and a glass of house red wine Possibly some 'Nam Tok' for desert with my beer... What is your favorite Thai food?
  14. a tad rough this morning.. it's got me thinking I wonder what my Liver looks like now. Having been a moderate to heavy drinker most of my life i'm willing to bet it's not in great shape. However, most of the time I never give it a second thought. Last night I put a fair amount of booze away but have only been partially hungover. Do you lot who drink ever worry about the state of your Liver, heart stomach etc? Also the throat, cancers are very common in heavy drinkers apparently.
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