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  1. and they probably won't ever get passed the discussion phase... Maybe they will reach the 'let's have a good laugh about this' phase around the lawmakers table, but that is only a maybe!
  2. not as hairy as a rabbit though eh! Carry on sonny jim and i'll chop thee up and make a stew out of you!
  3. any suggestions on which cream to buy mate?
  4. funny that I am reading this. I have just finished shaving my head with my wireless shaver and my top lip with a very good Japanese disposable. I also shaved my nether regions this morning as the wife has been complaining for weeks.
  5. I'm moving there just before Christmas mate. Buying a vacation apartment close to the beach. See you in the early evening for a swift half!
  6. It's been going downhill since the ultra right wing army stole power in 2014 from a democratically elected government. Sadly, all societies that have to endure such an atrocity ultimately end up going the same route. The only way Thailand can save itself now is by a mass uprising of it's people. But judging by the average persons attitude in the street, this may be some way off yet.
  7. The Phuket Cesspit is a nonstarter. Nobody is and ever will be interested in a ridiculous scheme such as this.
  8. Never been to the Philippines. Only been to Penang in Malaysia and I liked it a lot. I know that the visa situation there is easy peasy. Just gotta ask yourself if you can stomach living in a predominantly muslim country longterm.
  9. how will they advertise this back in the UK at your local travel agents? Holiday in Phuket whilst wearing a police tag. your movements will be tracked by Thai officials day and night No wine or beer with your meal and definitely no clubbing. Walking around is allowed providing you wear your mask or face a 20,000 baht fine. terms and conditions subject to change without any prior warning. hardly appetizing is it????
  10. That's it! The final nail in the coffin for the Phuket Sandpit. They will be lucky if they reach double figures when they open with draconian measures such as these.
  11. I hate dealing with landlords here. Been there, done that, got a wardrobe full of T'shirts. Owning property gives you a certain freedom that cannot be replicated.
  12. when a government tells it's citizens how to go about their sex lives you know there is something seriously wrong.
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