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  1. sounds like a swell guy. impound his bike and send him to the rice fields at once! 5 years hard labor.
  2. For once I agree with Kannika. On a 150,000 baht a month salary here you will live a great life.
  3. Whats your problem piltoman? if you dont like/believe any of what I post then dont reply to them. i dont know how many times i need to keep repeating myself to people like you.
  4. You have no experience at all of being a father. Why should anyone listen to you?
  5. I think you are the one that's confushed mate. You are now replying to your own replies
  6. the only thing keeping me from doing so is my kid and the fact that the borders aren't open as of yet. I have a stark choice in front of me. 1. Live a comfortable married life in a big house with 2.4 children. 2. Jump ship in the middle of the night into a uni students bed wrestling with her under the covers.. Life is hard!
  7. I'm looking for a real student mate. Like one that actually goes to uni and can speak good english. Not one from Korat who dresses like a student.
  8. she told me she was on the pill.....................................................................
  9. being in a Marriage with kids I mean. I'm seriously thinking about leaving my wife at some point. she hasn't done anything wrong but I feel as though my life here with her is wasting away. I want my freedom back. it's true what they say isn't it. You always want what you aint got.. Thai blokes run out on their girlfriends all the time, dont they? especially after he's knocked her up the spout. Why is it us soft farangs who always stay put? Right now I want a 20 year old thai student majoring in the English language that is both
  10. my mate Terry is still doing a bit of dentistry on the side up there. Used to know him from bootle docks back in the day, speaks decent english when he's not rat a*sed. you want his number?
  11. so if I speak fluent thai with immigration will that negate the need for me to go there anymore? will they also presume I am thai? Might be worth trying that
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