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  1. Just to clarify did you get permission to stay until the end of September (60 days after end of amnesty)?
  2. Then apparently you need to read it a few more times.
  3. And where is the proof that supports your claim?
  4. Wrong again, there are plenty left. You really must do something about your woman's intuition. It's not working for you.
  5. I'm here on a Non-O based on marriage. My last entry was om March 3rd so am currently covered by the amnesty. My visa expires mid August. I reside in Jomtien. I have passed 50 but due to new regs I don't want to go that route.
  6. I'm not on it yet. My visa will expire just after the end of the amnesty so will apply for a 60 day extension before then.
  7. Could someone please confirm or deny if I can apply for a one year extension based on marriage while here on a non-O that's expired but staying on a 60 days extension to visit family?
  8. Relevance? Are you implying that since some masks might not protect you from the viral particles but only from droplets you should not wear a mask at all??
  9. One's beliefs is actually what one expresses in one's posts so tell me again how that is irrelevant for any thread??
  10. Or maybe not very informed on the matter. He's a doctor, right? A doctor doesn't equal a scientist. PS. If you look hard enough you're still gonna find doctors who will say that smoking is not unhealthy. Heck, they might even smile when they say it.
  11. For the scientists it's a real and important distinction but for you it's not. Got it!
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