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  1. "Fox News’ Chris Wallace Counters GOP Messaging on Kamala Harris: ‘She’s Not Far to the Left’"
  2. Second to last, only surpassed in ineptness by trump. No idea why you included Biden and West.
  3. If you're an average Joe who has already gotten past trump's string of issues and abuses then getting past whatever baggage Harris has should be a walk in the park in an electric top tier wheelchair made by Tesla.
  4. Just the kind of woman that scares the bejesus out of trump and his most loyal subjects.
  5. Awwww, I just love how "woke" you trump supporters got once Harris was announced. We are seeing a proper epiphany! What's next I wonder, will you chose BLM as a fixed postscript to your posts?
  6. While trump OTOH............ Congratulations, you just won the Award For Most Hypocritical Post Of 2020!
  7. Wow, you really got the dirt on her, haven't you. After this astounding revelation I just can't see how she could be the VP pick any longer!
  8. What can I say? Your post totally supports your claim that wicked Zionists control trump.....totally!!
  9. As you clearly indicate you have this information why don't you educate us?
  10. Yep, tell that to the doctors and nurses who manned the emergency rooms in hotspots when the first peak appeared. Word of warning though, you'll probably need a visit to the ER yourself if you do.
  11. Meltdown? "Nancy Pelosi Shuts Down Chris Wallace for Saying She ‘Messed Up’" Man, you're really grasping at straws. Can't say I blame you though, you being a staunch supporter of the "meltdown machine".
  12. Yes, burying your head in the sand has always been a great strategy.
  13. The intentions might be the best in professional circles (CISA, CIA, FBI) but if the president is controlled from Moscow (of which I'm totally convinced) it makes the task of protecting US democracy almost impossible.
  14. That's more or less what trump says. Then again, he doesn't really have much of a choice when his handler calls from Moscow. 'I Don't Care': Trump Responds To Intel That Russia Is Working To Get Him Elected Again
  15. LOL, look at the trump supporters' sudden infatuation with pure socialism! Add that to the long list of camels they've swallowed with relish.
  16. "I have of course done no such thing, I have merely asked people if they have evidence of the NRA's supposed money laundering. I note not a single poster, not one, could adduce any credible evidence the NRA engaged in money laundering. Not one." Are you actually asking posters on a forum for evidence only the prosecutor in the case will have? What's the point. increasing your post count?? "So, given that the NRA has not been convincted of any crime of money laundering so far and no evidence has been adduced so far, the position seems clear." What position is that? That the NRA is technically innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? We all know that but that doesn't mean no evidence exists and that they won't be found guilty so again, what's your point?
  17. LOL, you seem to think that those are valid arguments for the present gun laws. You're wrong. "You seem to think that people can't get hold of guns heroin against the law. You're wrong." Still a valid argument?
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