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  1. Thank you, Yinn. Your distinction between "Thainess" and "Isaanness" is very interesting. How might Isaan people think differently from Thai people about age and big age differences?
  2. Thank you Alex and Gecko. Entertaining and informative. On 2nd viewing I think Gecko's interpretation holds up (through viewing because my Thai is very basic). But there is a note at 4:33 that seems to establish a sound reason for spurning the young guy: she remembers him pushing her down from the motorcycle. He beats her; papa cares for her.
  3. I started taking Androderm (brand) patches well over ten years ago because of low testosterone (in my 60s). I credit it with considerably improving my strength, vitality, mood, and sexuality. I take 8 mg a day (4 mg is recommended). I have not noticed any negative side effects and would be hard pressed to give it up.
  4. I want to thank so many of you for being so supportive about our age difference. Your responses made me feel among friends. Not what I expected, I must admit. The few barbs were ok. I’d rather people spoke their minds than played nice. However, this kind of truthful interchange works, I think, partially because we are anonymous. So without giving too much away, I’d like to return the favor by answering your questions. 1, I am the same bloke who wanted more kissing, but I didn’t want to muddy the waters on that thread with an old-man confession that would have given many of the doubters a false positive (or should I say a false negative). I was asking about cultural differences. The loving and sex are fine, even pushing 80. 2, We’ve been together more than 5 years, since our early 30's and 70's. And 3, I do intend to take care of the children (they are hers).
  5. I’m writing this to share experience with others in what our culture chooses to call “age inappropriate” relationships. I’m 40 years older than my GF/Thai wife. I’m not interested in the clichés from Moliere to Mozart to the latest sighting of a fat and balding farang holding hands with a young beauty in Sukumvit. I’m interested in those relationships that have worked, standing some test of time. I’m interested in how much age matters, how often it’s mentioned, what to expect, what to avoid, what to do. So far my own experience has been uneventful. We rarely discuss it. I told her my age when we met. I later asked her what her friends or family thought and she said they agreed that all that mattered was whether or not I was a good person. Ironically, she often tells me she is not a young girl anymore (in her thirties) and I like to delude myself into thinking I’m not much older than that (on the principle that we are—at least to some degree—as old as we think we are). I’m no Cary Grant. At best I’m described as “boyish.” She is invariably described as gorgeous. I’m lucky to be fairly healthy, actually more active physically than she is. But I guess I worry about what happens if that changes. Or should I say “when?” Once I slipped and fell, and for months after that she was pointing out steps and rocky slopes in front of me. Recently she said something about getting a larger car some time. When I asked her why she said that someday we might need to carry a wheelchair. That she has signed up for that is comforting, but the last thing in the world I want. I know very well what that side of a relationship feels like and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  6. I'm guessing this is tongue in cheek. Interesting piece in the New York Times this week on Manila and San Francisco: much better on-line than in paper at https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/02/13/climate/manila-san-francisco-sea-level-rise.html.
  7. She won’t kiss me. Not just in public, but even when we’re alone. She says she doesn’t like it. So I can’t kiss her either. Except on the cheek or the top of her head as she leans in to me. But not on the lips. That is, not on the lips of her mouth: So it’s not a fear of contagion. I understand why bar girls and sex workers won’t kiss. But we have been exclusive for over five years now. I guess it’s more a Thai thing: no public display of affection; not even expressive private display of feelings. So there’s also no foreplay, no cuddling. Have others experienced anything like this? If so, did things change? How? Or do you just accept it?
  8. It's probably presumptuous of me to open a topic on my second posting, but as I indicated in my introductory post I'm struggling with the prospect of global sea rises as I look to buy property in Thailand. I'm wondering how members who take the latest scientific projections seriously confront and deal with this issue. I'm thinking, for instance of the recent projection from climate central at https://coastal.climatecentral.org/map/8/101.4654/11.8343/?theme=sea_level_rise&map_type=coastal_dem_comparison&elevation_model=coastal_dem&forecast_year=2050&pathway=rcp45&percentile=p50&return_level=return_level_1&slr_model=kopp_2014. I find this enough to rule out Bangkok entirely (though I'm amazed at the building boom there) but wonder about the future of areas like the royal coast. I don't consider climate central to be wildly alarmist. I think they are conservative since they don't try to factor in such scenarios as arctic and antarctic glacial melt or other tipping events. Nor do I think a 30 year projection suddenly occurs on the last day of the 29th year. I welcome your thoughts.
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