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  1. Self-righteous nuts think that what they have to do are well and good, while what others (that they deem "idiots") have to do are "unnecessary/selfish" ie they somehow got the jurisdiction on what is good/bad or what necessary/unnecessary as how the (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) world turns. History has a name for that kind of worldview and humankind nowadays has eradicated it, but, like smallpox, it manages to rear its head now and then. There's no room for debate on such ground, ie the kind of people you would be very cautious if you have the bad luck to have them as neighbors... I was going to go to Lumpini park for a breath of fresh air and treat my sore eyes (due to much time on TV) to some expanse of greenery and the sight of my human fellows leading healthy, sensible lives (as opposed to going "bonker in bunker.") Alas, that was not to be, so back to making my way along the Saen Saeb canal in the evening and observing how passengers riding the busboats manage social-distancing (not a small feat!) By the way, the footpath is wide enough at most places for jogging if you're so inclined, but watch out for motosais. Good luck to all of us!
  2. Yeah I heard last week that a bra factory outside of Bangkok has pivoted to churning out face masks instead, using same material of stock on hand. One of the new benefits is the masks they are going to produce will be odor-repellant. Wondering if this is said factory...
  3. Thanks, that's what I've been looking for (the website, not GP before or after boob job). I didn't know that I've been sitting on a treasure trove (my 10 baht a disk DVD collection) all this time...
  4. Thanks for the blow by blow account. I just wanted to ask for the sake of IOs working at the moment, they are between a rock and hard place. So those who can wait, please do so. My extension runs out beginning of May. Normally I would make the hike to CW toward the end of March, ie last week. But considering that everything is in flux, I really beg those who still have some time please wait it out. You won't get infected that way if you are not, and you won't infect anyone else if you are. In the meantime, that also gives the authorities much needed time to sort things out. For the moment there are tangles of unnecessary and not-well-thought out measures awaiting those wanting to jump into the fray - and the pool of virus.
  5. The moment I see "pride" and "China" in the same sentence I want to throw up.
  6. What part of "social-distancing" don't you understand?
  7. I think the French have this saying: "frogs that live at the bottom of a well think the sky is as big as the well's mouth." The English version of this is "tunnel vision" (forgive me if I confused the nationalities.)
  8. So ordinary Americans should not use N-95 masks because they're in short supply and much needed by the medical professionals, and not because they would not protect them? What' nonsense is this? And this coming from CDC? Let me remind all and sundry: CDC = The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading national public health institute of the United States. It is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia - Wikipedia. As such the only proper answer is f&*k you CDC and the whole cabal should go straight to hell. Now this brain-dead CDC director starts babbling about the benefits of mask wearing after we ordinary folks have already know for weeks from other sources!
  9. Really, not more dangerous than others? Hmm, let's see. First, it can kill, I mean as in "licensed to kill" or "748 deaths in the last 24 hrs" (of whatever day of the last couple of months.) Second, it's hard to kill, like really hard to kill. It takes at least 20 sec of vigorous hand washing. With soap. It can survive for a period of minutes or hours if not days on door knobs, hand rails, elevator buttons, on utensils that you use to eat with, etc. One good thing that it has neither legs nor wings to get around, to which we unknowingly are of great assistance to our detriment... Okay, tell me which other viruses that kill and that can survive that well among the human race, then I'll believe that it's "not more dangerous than other viruses that we know." In the meantime lemme recommend a little book, "The art of war" by Lao tzu, written sometime uh, let's say in the middle kingdom (of China, not the Hobbit), in which this one virtue is often touted, and to be proven by generations after generations: "Never underestimate your enemy." One final thought, take a long look at that picture, it could be the poster for an horror movie... Which other viruses have the capabilities to transform our neighbors, loved ones, co-workers to a potential grim reaper? and to make the dying alone in their death bed, say goodbye to their family via facetime?
  10. SARS-COV-2 (circa 2020) SARS-COV-0 (circa Ding or Ming dynasties...)
  11. Follow SheryL advice above and make sure you take the carbon UNTIL your stomach tells you "Phew, I've got it all out." What I mean is that the bad bacteria needs to be gotten rid it completely and that the job for the carbon. For me it's SMECTA available at your local pharmacy instead of carbon, twice a day. The electrolytes are there to help your body maintain its footing. Once your guts are clean nurse it back to normal by eating bland soft food for a week. Once you get your appetite back that means you're well again. At the beginning of the year I got a bad case of food poisoning and did not get rid of the bad guys completely. Result I had to pay a high price for it (look up colondoscopy and find my thread about it.) Do not use Immodium (that's literally a stop gap measure when you're traveling or something like that.) And no anti-biotics until you have to go see doc.
  12. Went back to the Rajamagala grounds today and found the place totally closed, nay, barricaded up! However there was a bit of a park-like area outside the gates by the "pond" where a few lonely souls like me sit down and rest our weary mind (even among complete strangers I did feel some unspoken solidarity of the "we're all in this together" sort...) Luckily I've brought my camera along so I was able to practice depth of field on the pigeons and the rats. Yeah, I need to get out and spend some time outside otherwise I would go nuts. My mental health alert went red last Friday when I thought the night time curfew was going to take effect and I found myself running up and down my soi stocking up on food, while the locals went about their business at the usual pace. Some one earlier on suggests that the communal evening aerobics should open, yes and in my opinion, even ramp up their schedule, a great way to help people improving their physical and mental health, while still maintaining social-distancing. Maybe in the next phase of the "lock down" SAT would make itself useful to the general public and offer some outdoor space for exercise activities. In the meantime I will make my way to Lumphini Park, if nothing else I will do a few portraits of the thangthong lizard I saw there some years back. Thanks you all for the info and positive comments, much appreciated. Stay healthy, body and mind.
  13. Seize all assets linked to the government https://www.axios.com/timeline-the-early-days-of-chinas-coronavirus-outbreak-and-cover-up-ee65211a-afb6-4641-97b8-353718a5faab.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_axiospm&stream=top And for once, I agree with Steve Bannon "the CCP has to answer to the Chinese people - and the world communities for what they did...by suppressing the information for 4 weeks to 60 days. What they have done to the Chinese people they are now doing to the people of the world."
  14. Exactly, it happened last night in front of my BigC on the steps to ground floor entrance. Several rows of staff standing several feet apart with paper fans spelling out bigC and held aloof. Thanks to my fluency in Thai, I caught the words of "hospital" and "covid sip kao" - put two and two together and figured it was a show put on for the video clip they were taking reserved for social media later. The whole "show" lasted less than 5 minutes...
  15. and is it still ok to do general excercise, jogging, doing tai chi, etc in this time of COVID? My stomping ground for this used to be the grounds of the Rajamagala stadium complex. Since the city "soft" lock down, it is no longer able to use it as a place for general excercise. Around late afternoon when the public starts showing up, a guard would ride around on bicycle and via portable speaker alert people not to do excercise "in time of Covid". So a bunch of us in shorts and sneakers are forced to stand around in a state of accidental loitering...
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