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  1. Yes Kayleigh McEnany is, definitely, a "reliable source." In the same sense that a pathological liar and truth-bender can also be "reliable" (ie can be counted on to keep on lying and bending truth.) As for "source" anyone can be his or her own "source," no questions about it. Whatever one says, texts, tweets, comments, ops-ed, ad nauseum, could be quoted and therefore one becomes a "source." The question du jour would be what idiots/wisemen would believe or discount, respectively, the words of a fool.
  2. Au contraire, Covid was God's gift to Trump but he was too vain to see, let alone take advantage of it. No surprise there. We know what Trump did (as opposed to didn't do) re Covid. He covered it the way he covered the Mueller report. If we were in Trump shoes and being of the same caliber of scum that Trump is, we would at the very least have "made the SLIGHTEST attempt at a real handling of Covid." But Trump could never have done that, not even if his life depended on it. He's got to stick to his 100% pure Trump bravado. Yeah, that "SLIGHTEST attempt at a real handling of Covid"
  3. It's less to do with the color of her skin than the vestiges of the Trump administration ("justice" system included.) So far how many Capitol riot charges have included sedition/insurrection? None (maybe a couple by now) but window-dressing mostly. Btw, pulling up the race card at every opportunity of unrest/riot/coup/whatever only serves to detract from the nature of the crisis at hand. It's like throwing a ball at the dog to get it to move to the other side of the fence.
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