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  1. Remember Redfield the time you chuckled and nodded when Trump called gov Inslee a snake because the poor guy was complaining about lack of federal help in the face of covid? Or the time when you testified at the hearing and said that "we are not allowed - or "set up" (per Fauci) - to do this and that?" even though you were/are the head of the CDC? Probably you were basking in the warm embrace of Trump and couldn't see the bus coming.
  2. Many of his most vocal critics around the Chinese Flu are the same ones which called him racist earlier in the year for suggesting that they close flights to China and which said the WHO showed no evidence of it being dangerous.... Unfortunately these days they will find literally any reason to blame him for something - regardless of the facts. When the media gets their weekly buzzword it's a sight to behold how coordinated each and every outlet seems to be with stuffing it in every key sentence, and then it's just a matter of repeating it over and over again to make it truth. File the above quote under: "Another day, another troll is born". It's the thief sounding the alarm, or the robber calling 911. ie Trump M.O (modus operandi, or mode of operation in case someone wonders). Trump declares "Mail in voting is rife with fraud" without mentioning that the fraud would likely come from his party, that's one check for dishonesty, ie lying by omission. In the same token, "voting for Biden will bring chaos" and at the same time Trump himself inciting hatred and division. The wise think you can fool some people some time, the fool think you can fool all people all the time. Trump and his supporters belong in the latter category because they believe they are living in a world of fools. Then again: "and then it's just a matter of repeating it over and over again to make it truth." That's something Trump does as often as he breathes, isn't it? Funny how a lot of time the Trump fans appear to be criticizing themselves and their master...
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