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  1. Thanks for that link. There are many kinds of vegan burgers.....mushroom burgers, chickpea burgers, bean & vegetable burgers, etc. I'm looking a specific kind made with pea protein under brands such as Beyond Meat and Lightlife, and which are available at grocery stores too. I guess they will be appearing at Tops and Rimping soon.
  2. Exactly. This product is a game-changer and I expect a massive drop in real meat consumption in the coming years as people discover this cruelty-free, healthier and delicious meatlike alternative. Real meat will eventually be heavily taxed, reflecting its true cost, as the Green New Deal movement spreads around the world.
  3. The revolutionary and delicious meatlike-but-meatless hamburgers and sausages are appearing in grocery stores and fast food restaurants all over the world. Does anyone know if they are available in Chiang Mai yet?
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