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  1. I think most of people who would want return they could make some kind of a deal with their embassy, i am sure of that my friend was in similar situation and they actually managed to make agreement for monthly installments for airplane ticket to return home, so yes foreigner on short term visas had plenty of time to organise with their embassies returning to home country thats why in the first place embassies will not give more than 1 letter for 1 extension, everybody who want go back can go back. Excuses like i dont want go back my country because of too many covid cases and there is no flights is lame excuse for those who cannot make longterm visas, so now half of pwople here are blaming thai government for not give another amnesty just abusing the system.
  2. Definetely would be better for Thailand for give extensions 1900thb every month for people who are still here and cannot go back, i got letter from consulate that i will get only one time and what after??
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