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  1. They will also sell fried donuts in Phuket you can grab them at arrival or sent by delivery to quarantine room from Thai Airways surely boost to economy, Chinese absolutely love fried donuts.
  2. Well done, 17 billions of THB expected, even more if they said we give you discount from dirty forigners condominiums they will sell because unable to come back from crazy laws, Thai people will benefit from Chinese who eat in their restaurants and sleep in China owners hotels well done I feel this is like final desperate move from this government to get some money in country otherwise they would have to pack their bags for sure.. Protests are everywhere Thai people are tired of 0 cases but no food.
  3. Is this the same WHO that cooperated with China and allowed the Virus went globally? If it is than this information for me have no credibility.
  4. I think the real reason is Thai elite with their Chinese brothers wants to drive down the prices of real estate market, than buy it for half price as now, when they manage to do it in a year or two they will allow foreigners back into Thailand and they can purchase the same condo for 2x higher prices. Only now it shows how unsafe was Thailand in last 6 years and theyve lied about it.
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