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  1. What is means is that the rich will get more rich...by a lot.
  2. I agree that they should let people quarantine at home. The reason they do it now is so isolate the infected in order to stop the spread. The field hospitals are not build with giving medical support in mind, it's solely a tactic to make sure people are isolated and therefore not spread it. The big draw back that comes from this, is that people will not get themselves tested because they don't want to go "camping" with other infected. Today I already saw some messages where the thai government called for self isolation, so I think we reached a point where the hospitals sees it
  3. We can see the pattern and it's concerning. Exponential growth Is a mathematical term to show the relationship between Y and X. This is not a exponential growth. However, it doesn't matter, it's a concerning growth and the real numbers (not positive tests) might aswell be exponential.
  4. Yes it's a virus breeding ground, because only people tested positive will be isolated there. It seems unlikely people will die because if it. It's quite the opposite. These people get medical care while in other countries they are told to stay home. Is it feasible to keep using this tactic? No probably not. Especially when cases keep increasing and more critical cases come.
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